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O/T I am back!


I will succeed!!!
From our hols! Had a good time but I have eaten and drank about a year's syn allowance!!! Ooopsies!!!

I think the damage is between 2-3lbs based on my home WI check, but I'll find out on Tuesday...

...dya think it'd be awfully rude to opt for a naked WI??? Hehehe.

Might sound weird but missed you lot loads!!!

Looking forwards to catching up xxx
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Slow but sure....
Welcome back Sticky, we missed you too.

You haven't done too badly at all considering that you have been on holiday and you will soon lose that when you get back on track.

So good luck with your WI this week.

So glad you had a good holiday. X


Lover of Extra Easy
Welcome back!
I hope you had a great time and the 2 or 3 pounds, if you even put them on will just melt away! Be extra good until WI and you may even STS.
2 or 3 pounds is not a lot, and well worth a good holiday!

You may take your clothes off for WI :D:D
That reminded me of when I first did SW, we had a lady who lost 5 or 6 stone and was doing so well. When she first started she promised herself a little sports car as a treat for losing the weight. But only when she got to target. She saved the money and found the car she wanted, but had half a pound to go. She was gutted when she got on the scale. So she asked if she could go for a pee. That made no difference, so she asked if she could strip.
We were only girls there, so she stripped and made it! Never heard anyone yelp so much in class. Was wonderful and an inspiration! :D:D


I will succeed!!!
Thanks ladies...and great story about the stripping lady!!! HEHEH!!!

I hope it's only 2-3lbs, but I'm not getting hopes up until WI on Tuesday. Am being good until then - to be honest I am glad to be back on plan and eating healthy food! Plus, I know it can get me next week, so back on plan with avegence.



Starting Again!
Welcome back!

One girl at our group had been trying desperatly to get to target so did WI without her jeans on and got to target!

Glad you had a fabulous holiday and you're back on track now!

Natt xxx


Starting over
welcome back! Glad you had a great holiday. It's funny how you miss the healthy eating when you have a mini break, sounds like you'll be back to it with no probs:)

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