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Hi! Sez is back from hols!


has started again!!
Hello all. First I really need to say that I have seriously missed you, no line, even in Spain, I thought about Minis a lot! (Not my own group tho, odd.... Why is that I wonder??)

Well, I fully intend to read as many of the "new" posts as I can, but for now I am ultra busy. Our builder starts our loft conversion on Weds, and although I thought we had done well in clearing out the years of hoarding.....we truthfully havent!! So much to do, so little time.....so why Minis now??? LOL!!! Because I NEED you, thats why.

Food wise the holiday started very well. As you know I had always intended to have 3 packs plus one protien based meal each day. This was ok'd by my LLC, although not advised!! Started well, as I have said, even chose one night not to eat with my family as the restaurant they chose turned out to be more of a cafe, with dishes such as home-made pizza and most things with chips... Kids were fine with this of course!

I think I know roughly where my triggers lie now, as my downfall began the day after I chose to eat some of the delicous bread and ailoli (garlic mayo) as a filler before our dinner arrived. Once the bread got me, my spiral of decline was set in motion.

Having said all that, I was aware what was happening, and even found a pharmacy with an utterly amazing weighing machine, to keep a check on things. It weighed, worked out your height, did your BP (if you wanted), gave you your BMI (after inputting your age and gender), and also gave several other body fat analysis that I really did not understand!

Anyway, my WI will be on Thurs and I do have one question for those that might know please? If you come away from abstinence for a period of time, then return, how fast is the newly re-gained weight likely to be lost? Is it as fast as the first week of Foundation, or do you think it is likely to be slower? I am not overly worried, as I thoroughly enjoyed my hols, and dont regret the food at all. I have learned that life is for living , and that whilst the weight must never be allowed to get the better of me again, I wont be ruled by food, but in the reverse, so to speak!! (does that make sense?)

One thing that has really amazed me, is that, despite my gains, I have got straight back on the wagon, without a thought of giving up totally. That would never have happened pre-LL. Once a diet was broken, and weight was going back on, that was IT! I was a failure once again, so no point in carrying on.... Not this time though, I am so going to do this!

The hols themselves were fantastic, the villa was clean and well equipped, the pool was spotless and just for us!! (My daughter threatened to grow gills!) We had absolute privacy, and were in a lovely area, just far enough away from the hustle & bustle, but near enough to drop in when we wanted. On the plane out there, my seat belt fitted with loads to spare and the tray table in the seat in front didnt have to rest on my belly, at a slant, because I was so fat it couldnt lie flat. How good did that feel!!!:D:D:D I wore sleevless tops (despite the flabby arms) and walked around in my new costumes with pride. (Maybe no-one else would have thought I had reason to be proud, but I knew what I had achieved and that was enough!) I saw some sights on the beaches too, women in teeny tiny bikinis, who were obviously happy but were not small themselves. I stopped judging, because inner contentment is what really counts & I reckon they must have had it!

Any how, I ramble....

Glad to be back here on Minis, but so cold now!! Where is the summer please? I am used to 30 degrees, sun and sea........
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Hi Sez,

Delighted you had such a fabulous holiday and all those achievements!!!

Having loads of spare room on your safety belt and your tray!!!

You were right to flaunt your new slim body!!!

We missed you as well!

As for the weight gain, I think you started out very well and it is good to have found one of your trigger foods, white bread does this to me as well.:(

Also well done on getting back on the diet right away.

As for losing the weight you have gained on holiday, most of it would be from the glycogen filling up due to high carbs and with any luck you will have it off this week.

I have found myself that the longer you leave it the harder it becomes to shift.

Good luck with your weigh in on Thursday!

Your probably back in ketosis already as it does not take as long as the first time.

Love Mini xxx
Hi Sez
Nice to have you back hun, so glad you enjoyed your holiday, food tastes so much nicer now dosent it, and your so right about the night you choose not to eat, I find I dont waste calories on crappy stuff now , only the best is worth it now.
About the weight gain , I am not too sure as I actaully didnt gain on holiday (nobdy more surprised than me) and then it dropped suddenly by about 5 pounds within 5 days of getting back on the packs (albeit with some deviations , prawns and watermelons) so I can ony assume I might have actually gained a bit realy and the drop was the glycogen store empying again. You might find you havnt done the damage you think you have, as it sounds like you put into practice what you learned, after all food is for enjoying, I think after abstinance , you realise that.
The only problem and its a big one that I have experienced since breaking Ketosis, is getting back into it, as for the first week or so I just thought , oh I will just have this becuase I'm not back in yet... and so it went on. I think because I didnt gain and lost overall , something in my head said , well you enjoyed all that lovely food , and you felt great (bowels returned to normal, phew was that a relief!)LOL and I started to listen to the chatterbox that said well why not just eat a mediterean healthy diet of fish lean meat salds veg etc and loose the rest more gently (not to mention more enjoyably) and I'm afraid its been very hard since I returned.
So I hope you are pleasantly surprised at weigh in and get back on the old waggon quickly.
Love HCW


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Hello there Sez! A big welcome back! - I came off for three days whilst I was having my teeth out and I put on 7lbs in 3 days and lost that all and a bit more in my last week of SSing despite a binge in the middle of the week. As long as you get straight back on you just shed the glycogen as quickly as you put it on, I think - obviously the time you spend shifting glycogen is time you could have been burning real fat - but that's a smallish price to pay, I think!

A caveat - this is just my opinion from experience - it's not 'authorised' wisdom!
Hi Sez and welcome back - when I went away I put on 13lbs and lost it all in a week, this holiday I've put on a bit more and am hoping to be where I was in the next few weeks .... so you may find by the time that you go on Thursday that there's no gain to show.

Well done on getting straight back into the diet, I've done that too and it's a great feeling :)


has started again!!
Thanks everyone! So far so good today! Not sure about ketosis but might check tomo. Mind you I am sooooo blinkin' cold I am sure it cant just be the change in climate..LOL!!
Yey Sez - you're back!
Pleased you had a fabulous time on hols.
I too had a gain whilst I was on an extended weekend break. On Monday the scales said 4lb on by Friday they said 6.5lb off, so it does look like it can move very quickly if you get straight back on track.
I agree though about the demons and the little voice that may start to whisper at you about how you 'got away with it'. Kill this voice immediately if you hear it! :D
Good luck at the WI this week :)


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Hi Sez

You have done really well, sounds like you have addressed a lot of food issues and come up trumps! You sound much more positive than before you went away and I would be grateful if you could send some positive vibes my way please! Sounds like Spain did you the world of good and you have come back raring and ready to go, next time can I come too?

Its so lovely to read such a positive post. Well done!


likes posting.
Hi sez glad you had a good hol, ive just got back on friday, i ate a little but im back on ll now, we go too Grease in may i cant wait too get on the plane & put the seatbelt on too.


has started again!!
Welcome back! We've missed you.
How brilliant that you avoided eating in the cafe! I bet in the old days you wouldn't have hesitated. You are learning about what you want to put into your body - and it's not pizza and chips!
Well.....yes it felt good at that point, but I hold my hand up to a home made pizza later in the hols, along with much more other "naughty" stuff!!

I did learn tho, that I thoroughly enjoyed a well prepared, simple salad as much, if not more, than junk food. I also amazed myself by having a thing for fresh tomatos. I have never ever liked tomatoes, other than in ketchup or the occasional cherry tom if unavoidable! This break I had such yearning for tomatos that I astounded myself!! (My other "thing" was the local olives stuffed with pimento or anchovy..... not quite so good....!!! And then there was the churros the children bought and HAD to share with their hopeless Mother!)

Still, I weighed again this am, and tried to replicate the same weigh-in scenario as yesterday am. Same nightie, same time of day, pre-food and water and scales positioned in same place on floor.... they seemed to show a 2 kg loss on yesterday. That sounds like a lot to me, but I was on the loo loads yesterday after getting back into my water, so maybe by THurs at LL, it wont be such a huge gain??? Fingers crossed.

Time for a toasted nut bar and cup of Marigold to warm me up now....


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Hiya Sez
Welcome back :D

Soo pleased to read you enjoyed your holiday soo much - great stuff :p

Tis great to hear you sounding so positive, well done for getting straight back on your packs... You'll have that holiday weight off in no time girl :D

Are churros those batter type things with sugar sprinkled over them? Had them many years ago when I went to spain at a funfair - bloody delicious :D


has started again!!
Are churros those batter type things with sugar sprinkled over them? Had them many years ago when I went to spain at a funfair - bloody delicious :D

Oh yes, they certainly are!! :gimi::gimi:Very wicked indeed, but oh so tasty.:break_diet: Thank goodness I am not aware of them being available at home or I would be doomed!! LOL!! They were served hot, in paper cones, with sugar sprinkled on them. We bought them on both Fridays, at the local towns market...... mmmmmmm:drool:

TUT TUT Snap out of it girlfriend..............HEE HEE!!!:angeldevil:


has started again!!
PS. I think ketosis may be hitting back in now. First time round I felt really ill the first few days, and I feel exactly the same now. Shivery, headache, and so bluddy cold. I am sat here in t-shirt, sweatshirt, jeans, thick socks and a blanket, and still my hands and feet feel like ice. My head is pounding too......

Does ketosis affect people the same way the second time around? Seems odd as I have only been "off" for a couple of weeks, but it feels like starting all over again???
Welcome back & great that you had a lovely holiday!! Those churro things sound evil!! :p Just push through it & from the sound of it you are well on the way to ketosis! Great that the bowel returned and that you made some good choices; when we eat again proper we will have good & bad days & I recon the 80/20 principle is a good one! Can't be perfect all the time! HUGE well done on the airplane tray & belt! Must feel fab!! Grinning for you as I type! Cant wait for that one as it's always so humiliating when you cantget the tray down! Well done also on your new body confidence! Go girl!:D

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