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o/t im thinking of applying to join the army



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Hi Kels,

It is worth looking into it and see what the army can offer you.

With unemployment the way it is I read recently that a lot of young people are now considering the army as an option.

We all have to have goals in life to aim for...having a goal can focus the mind...as you get nearer to your goal you may well find you change your mind as other oppurtunity may come up on your journey that you never thought of.

Love Mini xxx
its something iv have been thinking for a while i just cant find the weight or fitness requirements anywhere :(


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Here is a link that might help you find the information you are looking for.

Contact Us

I would think you would have to be near enough a BMI of 25 :rolleyes:

Love Mini xxx
thanks mini. im going to email them!


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Your welcome, be sure to let us know how you get on!

Love Mini xxx


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*cough* NAVY *cough* :giggle:

I too am thinking the same, have just got my degree and my job i have currently has no chance of progression and the ideal jobs i'd like to to (police/prison officer) have no spaces at the minute :( It's horrible feeling like your going nowhere isnt it!

Saying thatthough its a good motivation tool and something to aim for but think about it seriously - you sign up for the services you are signing up to go to war. Think hard as its not a decision to be taken lightly. (im not meaning to put a dampner on it so sorry if it comes across that way). xxx
i know exactly where your coming from summer. but it is something i have been thinking about for a while.

ive just split from my bf, im at uni but i hate it and its something that will let me travel and experiance amazing things.

the war bitis scary i have to admit but i want to be out there in a world making a difference even if its to just one person.

does that make any sense :S


I will be skinny again!!!
I wanted to Join the army, did my barb test and scored really high in it

My army carers officer wanted me to an RMP

Ha no chance!

I was going to join as either a mechanic or a recovery mechanic, but Fitness was my problem...

Was to lazy and wanted to go out and drink instead of bothering to get fit, and never bothered to send the forms back..

It was always my dream to join the army and I would still love to do it.. im just lazy im afraid...

Email them and find out if the army barracks nearest to you have careers officers, they are very helpful and talk you through everything!

It would be a brilliant careers prospect, my dad was in the army for 28 years and loved it.. it was when he came out of the army that he fell to peices

If you believe you have the motivation and determination to get fit then go for it!

What would you like to go in as?

The army careers office give you a dvd with all the different aspects and careers you can do and you chose one that appeals to you most.

And women dont go on the front line in war :)
id love to be communication systems opperator. its full on and i get to travel. :)

ive sent off for an info pack

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