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O/T poorly dog

found out today that my dog has an agressive form of cancer. It's exaclty two years to the day that we found out the same news about my Dad.

I know to most people he's 'just a dog' but we've been through so much togehter. He's been the main reason for me still being here.

He's nearly 12 now and I know we all know we are going to outlive our pets. I'm just so heartbroken. Don't want to see him in pain or suffering (which thankfully he isn't at the moment) but there will come a point where I have to make the decision to have him put to sleep. Just the thought makes me so upset.

Just needed to 'talk' about it to someone as can't speak for crying at the moment.

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Gotta Make A Change
awwwwww ((((HUGS)))) wish i could say something
but words are hard to come by at this point :(


...we're sinking deeper.
:( Preparing for such a loss is extremely testing, especially when you know it's heading in that direction ... My deepest sympathies to you - but, when the suffering gets too much, know that putting him to rest will be the most humane and kind thing you can do. Never second guess that... Concentrate on all the wonderful moments you've shared and are yet GOING TO share for the time that he is with you.

Be strong. (((((hugs)))))


Is back in the saddle!
Hugest of hugs Rachel. xxxxxxxxxx
i know we dont know each other but i didnt want to read and run. Really feel for you, he's not just a dog, he's a memder of your family and of course you should be devasted. I'm a cat person and each time something happens to one its heartbreaking.
he looks gorgeous , love him while you can, you will know when the time is right to make that decision.
take care of both of you
I'm so sad for your news. He's not "just a dog". We have 2 and we call them "the kids". They will be 8 in May. We now have a real child too but they are still "the kids"!

Sending you cyber ((((hugs))))
Aw Rach, that is just the worst news us pet owners ever can get. I am so sorry....I really do feel for you. Benn through it so many times myself with both dogs and cats. We are facing the loss of another cat imminently, for the same reasons. We just went through it a few months ago with another. It is heartbreaking.

Just love the little pupster like mad now, while you have him, even more then you already have.....and you will alwyas have his memories with you.

And then one day, he will find you at Rainbow Bridge.

All the best sweety.....let the tears flow. They are healing.

Hi Rachel
your dog is not 'just a dog' he's lucky to be your dog. It's heartbreaking when they get sick - unfortunately I've been there too in the past so you have my sympathy.
thank you all for your kind comments. Max and I have been for a lovely walk today in the woods. Didn't go very far but lovely to go to his favourite place. He's getting even more cuddles than ever too. I'm just loving him as much as I possibly can before I have to say goodbye xx
"Just a dog" ....RUBBISH!!! They are a BIG part of our families, and as such give us much love and enjoyment on a daily basis. Enjoy your time with your lovely pooch, and you'll know when the time is right and you can be there :cry:.

<<<<<BIG hugs>>>>>

A fellow dog-lover :)
I've got 6 dogs (retired greyhounds - one of the most abused & mistreated breeds in the world) and they are the most gentle, loving and precious dogs ever! They are like my babies, i let them sleep in my bed with me and my world revolves around them so i really understand how you feel. I couldn't imagine life without them. ((hugs for you)) xx

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