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O/T Swine flu


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Hi Guys .... I had to go to a training session on protocol when working with suspected swine flu sufferers today. There were a couple of things which I felt were worth passing on.

Forgive me if you know already but I know my kids were glad to hear them so just in case ....

If you've been in contact with anyone who has swine flu you can't pass it on to anyone else unless you are symptomatic. IE - you actually are displaying symptoms yourself. So if, eg. your husband's got it, YOU can't give it to your grandchildren (or anyone else for that matter) but HE can.

The virus is airborn but doesn't live long outside the host .... just how long nobody really knows, but it isn't thought to be very long at all.

Vomiting and/or diaorrhea were thought to be symptoms but none of the people who have been badly affected by the virus have suffered from them so they are being ruled out as symptoms now. There IS another 'bug' going around at the moment but d & v is not thought to be related to swine flu.

Pregnant women are thought to be amongst those most at risk (immune system depleted already 2 deaths (at least) in women who were pregnant or just given birth) so must be ULTRA cautious.

Tests for the H1N1 virus are no longer being carried out. This is because it's been found to be more expensive to carry out the tests than to administer the Tami-flu treatment. This is all very well but speculation is that having the treatment, whilst reassuring at the time, could be counter productive as you can only have it once a year. So, if you haven't got it - have the tami-flu and then months later actually get swine flu there's no treatment .... ??!! (only speculation as I say)

This year there may be no such things as summer colds and hay fever .... everybody will have swine flu instead :eek:
The main thing to do is retain a sense of reality and common sense. Have you ever had flu?? I mean REAL flu!!

If you have you will know that it ISN'T a bad cold ... it is something completely debilitating.... If there was a £20 note on the floor - if you had flu you wouldn't have the energy or the inclination to pick it up. You wouldn't care if you never saw a £20 note again ... all you want to do is sleep.
I've had it once on my life and I NEVER want to have it again.

Can't think of anything else off the top of my head but if I do I'll edit to include it.

Hoping you find this useful xx
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Hellie Eds

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Thanks Jan. I found it useful. You here so many different things dont you. xx


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Thanks Jan. My friend got diagnosed with swine flu yesterday and i was with her all day on sunday so i thought omg what about me but obviously i am ok - touch wood so far :)
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Thanks, Jan, thats more info than I've gleaned from anywhere else!!


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Thanks Jan

Very useful indeed.....I read an article in the Sunday Telegraph about a journalist who got swine flu and she was young and fit and it totally floored her..she had v & d but basically couldnt move an inch. It was very insightful reading and helped me to gain a better understanding.

Thanks once again Jan!!


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Thanks Jan, good informative thread there.

I agree with you about if you have had flu before, I have tried to tell people this over the years, the amount of people who reckon they have 'flu' when all they have is a cold, no comparison whatsoever. Its one of the worst things I have had in my years, and thankfully that was only once about 30 years ago.


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Thanks Jan .. very informative.

I've laughed when people tell me they have flu though, I've seen my mum and sister with flu and after seeing them I know I've never had it .... I once saw a poster at the doctors saying 'if you're reading this you HAVEN't got flu!!!

Makes you wonder about the once a year Tami-flu point though .....

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