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O/T - Weird Crushes!


needs more willpower!
Thought i'd start this after me and Vixxster were talking about Derren Brown and Eddie Izzard last night. So everyone, who is your weird crush? Weird being defined as someone who others wouldn't normally think of as being good looking or a 'heart throb'.
I would have to say my current weirdest crush is Mickey Rourke. I know his face looks melted, so don't ask why!! lol x
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As you know, mine is Chris Moyles... but i don't consider him a weird choice.. others might do, but to me he's loooooooovely :D xx


Desperate to be slim!
Phillip Schofield... I am 23, so coudl easliy be his daughter but I soooooo would!!!

Also, I went to see David Essex with Mum a while ago and he is old enough to be my Grandad.... but again... yup!!!


Nojo on the YoYo
Hahahahaha Philip Schofield in the broom cupboard eh?

...but then if you're only 23 you may not remember the broom cupboard. ;-)

I used to fancy Shakin' Stevens when I was 6 - does that count? :p
James Corden (fat bloke from Gavin and Stacey) is really funny and sexy.

My most perverted crush, however, is Papa Lazarou, from the League of Gentlemen:

The League of Gentlemen Website! - Papa Lazarou .

I like his voice, I love his leather coat and sexy swaggering...Plus, I could do with some more pegs.

I'd be another of his middle-aged housewife "wives" any day.


Nojo on the YoYo
He of 'Ello DAAAAAAAAAAVE' fame? Good choice. I fancied Jack Nicholson as the Joker. deffo gotta be the makeup, though he does take guyliner to a whole new level.
Joaquin Phoenix.

Yesterday, today and forever. Not sure he counts as weird though.


Nojo on the YoYo
Well HE is a bit weird, but it's not weird to fancy him, he's quite lovely despite being a bit bonkers. Ala Johnny Depp.


Lover of Extra Easy
I like Philip Schofield too. He is younger than me though ;)
I had a huge crush on Ringo (beatles) when I was a kid. Not the one most fancied in the Beatles.
I also think that Marco Pierre White is very sexy!
Oh god Johnny Depp mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!
My weird crush though is the guy in shaun of the dead, Simon something, cant remember his last name but its very dweeby.
Oh and Mike Myers.
simon pegg :D we had a builder who spent almost 6 months here building for us, who was the absolute spitting image of him. i never actually asked him if he got recognised a lot, but he probably thought i was a bit strange staring at him LOL :rotflmao:

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