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Scotsmist & JanD's afternoon 2/6/10. Finally complete with photos :o)


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Now complete with photos :)

So!! We had arranged that I would get to Iris's office around 1pm. Me being me I was in the car sorting out the (borrowed) satnav at 11.45am and left around 11.50 ... waaaaaay too early :rolleyes:. I triiiiiiied to slow down on the motorway coz I knew I was going to be horrendously early but I only managed to add about a minute to the eta on the satnav :eek:

At about 12.45 after a couple of trips round a one way system and ending up in an alleyway full of bins I rang and heard Iris's voice for the first time. It was really weird to hear her!! :) (mind you - I found out later when I heard her answer the phone in her office a couple of times that it was her posh telephone voice - with hardly a trace of the gorgeous Scottish lilt I heard subsequently ;))

She directed me to the car park and came out to meet me. It was AMAZING to suddenly see her in the flesh after talking on here for over a year - quite surreal in a way. She's even more lovely than her pics would have you believe and I don't think those on my camera really do her justice either :(

Anyway - we walked through the town centre, nattering all the way :D, to a lovely little courtyard where there was a choice of places to eat. I can't even remember the name of the place we went to - I'm sure Iris will elaborate. The weather was beautiful so we were able to sit outside. The first thing we both did was get our cameras out and busily snap each other and the waitress offered to take one of us both together so that was nice.

We both had a chicken fillet wrap which had tomato salsa, sour cream, salad, olives, crisps & coleslaw either in it or with it! (the chicken was breaded too but we won't mention that ;)) It was very nice, and we both had sparkling water x2 with a wedge of lime.

We talked for England & Scotland then SOMEBODY went off to the loo and sneakily paid the bill - I'm not saying who - but it wasn't me :eek: ... nawty nawty nawty Iwis!!! ;)

We then went back through the shopping centre, with a brief stop off in Debenhams for me to get some Clinique face powder, to Iris's office. She FORCED me to walk up 2 flights of stairs - wouldn't allow me to go in the lift :cool: (no wonder she manages 18,000 :eek::eek::eek: steps in a day!) introducing me to everyone we bumped into - it was lovely, almost like they knew who I was and were really happy to meet me :D I really felt welcomed.

THEN! She opened her office door and inside there was a birthday banner on the wall, another across a table which was also strewn with confetti and on which there was a huge bouquet of flowers, a gift bag, a card and a cake with candles on it!! :D:D I was SOOOO touched. She had gone to so much trouble, not to mention expense, and I felt really special and spoiled!

Iris got someone to come and take photos of us by the table and of me blowing out my candles ..

Everyone was REALLY lovely. I couldn't have wished for a nicer, better afternoon in any way at all. She even makes a good cup of coffee :p.

We cut the cake and had a lickle piece each, the rest went to the other people we'd seen (hmmmm come to think of it maybe that's why they were so nice to me - they were after MY CAKE!!! :8855:)

I couldn't believe it when I realised it was nearly 4pm and knowing Iris had to finish up and catch a 5pm train and thinking about traffic building up on the motorways it was time to leave :cry:.

It was actually quite strange because it was really hard to say goodbye :wave_cry:. I think we both kept wanting another hug, neither of us quite wanting the afternoon to end :sigh:.

But of course it had to. One thing's for sure though - it certainly won't be the last time and next time Iris, lunch is on me!!! :eat:

AND!! We must sort out our foursome girls - let's not let time run away with us!!!!

What I've discovered tonight is that now, when I read Iris's posts I hear her voice - I LOVE it, it's brilliant :D

I can't thank you enough Iris - I thought I was just going out for lunch. Instead I was spoiled & pampered. It's been a completely special day and one I'll never forget. You are a beautiful person and I'm honoured and proud to call you my friend.

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Here we go again!
That's a really lovely post Jan. Knew you two would have a great afternoon. Sounds wonderful. Especially the surprise.


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AWWWW...Jan, I couldnt have set out the scene the way you have! I was reliving it as I was reading it, WITH GOOSEBUMPS and TEARS!! I am so glad that you enjoyed it as much as I did!!!!!!

I just cant add anything to it to be honest..apart from I was very nervous before you arrived and excited at the same time.

All the girls knew about you, Jan..AND, the first thing Angela said to me this morning when I met her was "Wasnt Jan just lovely"...she kept saying how nice you were!!!!!!!! So, you made an impression there.

A day to remember and again just reminded of the power of this forum in forging lovely friendships...

You are one in a million and looked so glamorous and very composed and all that I expected!!

I too can hear your voice now when I read your posts :)!!!

Looking forward to seeing the photos....but I can see them anyway...just annoyed that I cant get them downloaded by OH is so busy moving servers from USA to UK, that his head is somewhere else and not want to bother him just yet!

Again, a memorable day, well documented by our wonderful and lovely Jan :)



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Aw Jan!!!!!! I love the way you write things!
Sounds like your day together was perfect! Like you had been friends for years!!!! I reckon you will be friends for years to come though :)



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I was nearly in tears reading Jan's post too! LOL!:D It sounds like you two had a blast, and what a nice thing for Iris to do regarding the cake, presents, flowers etc- but then again, I wasn't one bit surprised she went the extra mile...;):D


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Finally managed to get the photos up! There are a few more in an album too :D xx


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ok, so one final check on here before i actually go to sleep ... and you two look ravishing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You both are stunning and look soooo happy!!!! I cant actually believe you have met up! You both look so healthy and happy! And Jan .... in future take that hand away from your tummy woman! :giggle:

GORGEOUS pics ladies, will check out the album ones tomorrow :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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HaHa - I know - I never know what to do with my hands on photies & end up emphasising what I'd rather hide, lol!

Thanks for the lovely comments :) xx


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Aww I had a tear in my eye reading that post - and I am sat here in work!!

It looks like you both had a wonderful time together and how lovely of Iris to have that surprise for you with the cake etc. I just knew you two would get on really well together and I so pleased and happy for you both. The photo's look lovely and you both look great on them.

Yeah, lets organise the next meeting soon, I cant WAIT to meet you all.

Off for a nosey on the album now too...........thanks for the post, it was really lovely.

irish molly

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Gosh, it is so lovely to see how such warm friendships are founded. You both seem to have had such a wonderful day and made the most of it. You both looked lovely and totally at ease in each other's company. Hope you have many more days like it.


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Definitely SOON!!!! xx


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I need to add.....

As we were leaving the restaurant, Jan gave me a box and inside it was a gorgeous angel (good luck ) keyring..which is lovely and it is pride of place on my keys now!!!!

I will remind me of Jan every day as I use my keys

Still thinking about the day and how lovely it was!!!

Yes, Irish, it is lovely that friendships can be forged on here! It is lovely I do believe the more you put in the more you get out....


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Ahhh lovely Iris :)


Life is not a Rehersal!
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Just posted my Album!! Yippeee...although there are no different to Jans piccies, except I am not all teeth in them...hahahahhahahah....

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