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off topic! If feeling sensitive please don't read, contains questions about cake!


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Hi guys,

I have no idea where else to turn so I'm hoping you may have some experience in baking cakes.
I can make a mean victoria sponge but I want to make my daughters 4th birthday cake.
I think there will be around 40 children there, so it would cost me a small fortune to get one made from the bakers and I want her to have something special and feel spoilt for the day.
These are some of the cakes I like and am going to attempt to make one of them.
Please tell me which one you like:

Purple & Pink Flower Birthday Cake » Pink Cake Box Wedding Cakes & more

Baby Shower Cake | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Coolest Barbie Cake Photos on the Web's Largest Homemade Birthday Cake Gallery



So what do you think? Do you think this is a bit above my skill level? How hard to you think it will be? What type of sponge should I make because I wouldn't want the cake to collapse (I know it would need a little stand thing inserted into the middle of the cake).
I really want her to have a WOW cake!

Cheers beforehand for your help! :D
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I'm on my phone so can't see the links but have you considered the pull apart cup cake cakes. You make loads of cupcakes and put them together on a board. Then using an icing bag and butter cream ice up and down one way then the other then smooth over the top with a knife. You can also buy cake toppers on eBay. Anyway the pull apart cakes are fun to eat as everyone grabs a cup cake and gets a chunk of topping. Much easier if you have lots of guests - remember cup cakes that are home made are better on the second day so you can make ahead.


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I have considered doing cupcakes, I actually like that massive cupcake thing you can buy now and make a big cupcake cake! Ummm....


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Hmmm cake..... I`d say acupcakes. One big one then individual ones on a stand would look fab n its so in lol x


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Mummytummy I have The big cupcake thing. Firstly it takes a lot of practice to get it right. Because of the shape it's hard to get it cooked in the centre and not overcooked on the edges. When you get it right - yum yum.


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Joanne Brown
I really like number 4 but would go with number 5 as by the time you have brought the cutters and icing for number 4 it would cost loads


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Thanks for the tips Bobbie, that cake looks very yummy!

Thank you cybill, I watched a clip on you tube on how to make a barbie cake and it really was simple, I would also put it on top of another layer as a barbie cake wouldn't be enough!

Thanks Joanne, It wouldn't cost to much for that cake because I have found a supplier who has ready made flowers, it cost £15 for 200! Which would be more than enough! lol

I had a look at some shops online that sell cakes and for the kind of cake I want they cost well over £100 more like £150! for a two tier cake. I will do it far cheaper than that and have the satisfaction that I cooked her the cake!

Thank you for all your help guys, I'm now in search of large deep cake tins that don't cost the planet!