Off topic... I'm so nervous!

Good luck!! What's the job for???

good luck with the interview... want to hear allllllllll about it!!!

sending ya lots of positive vibes


Gen xxx
Good luck!
I've got an inverview myself tomorrow so the nerves are already rising.

As someone has already said, what's the job? I've got all my fingers and toes crossed for you - hope it goes well :)
Good luck with the interview - I've got one tomorrow at 12.30 - really hope I get it...... hope you get your's too...:D

Eeek - now my tums just flip flopped at the thought of tomorrow.....:eek:

It's 11.35!

I wonder how it's going.

Thinking of you. Hope the jobs worth taking!

Dizzy x
Just seen this Sparkle...hope it has gone ok and that you were full of confidence....will be keeping an eye out for your news.