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Officially a size 14, OMG!!

Thats BRILLIANT!!! Well done - hope you're doin a wee victory dance and planning a nice night out to wear your size 14 jacket!! WOOPWOOP!!!
Brilliant news I know how I felt moving down to a size 20 so a SIZE 14 :wow:
Ali that's fantastic, I'm made up for you - it must be an amazing feeling.

Well done!

LOL though you do know that this could cost you a bomb now :)


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I can't believe it, been to Primark and got a jacket. Tried on the 16 and it was a little loose, so tried on the 14 and it fits lovely.
I cannot believe it, I haven't been a size 14 in about 15 years.


Size 14


Love Mini xxx
Congrats Ali - that is fab news!

Don't buy up too many 14s though .... you will be in the 12s before you know it!



Happily pro pointing!
Congratulations!!! Well done!! What was your starting size?! and what's your goal?!

Keep up the good work! x
I was a 20 when I started.
I am not totally sure what size I want to be as I have never been this thin in my adult life, so I was going to see how I feel at 12, but I think maybe 10 as I still have around 2 stone to go until I am at my goal weight (although that is also negotiable).
So I am going to see when I near the end how I feel, I don't want to go too skinny.

Congrats Ali - that is fab news!

Don't buy up too many 14s though .... you will be in the 12s before you know it!

Hi Leesy
That is the only one I have got so far as I am hoping to be able to ride out the 14s with my 16s, and maybe just get a couple of pairs of cheap jeans from Tesco to keep me going.
I have some 16 jeans and cords form there in a 16, but they are that loose they are bunching now when I tighten the belt to fit. (I probably could have guessed I was a 14 but it didn't quite register).

. . . and thanks everybody for the nice comments.


Happily pro pointing!
Well done Ali! And don't Primark cut small with their clothes too?
I always thought that too, but wasn't sure if I was kidding myself on or not. :D

Congrats Ali - you foxy lady.

I bet you were slinkin' around the shops like a supermodel - I would be ;)

Great inspiration and enjoy it!
I was beaming when DH came to find me, although it was a little lost on him as he doesn't understand ladies sizes, but he got the idea.
My new nick name is becoming twiggy!! It all seems like a dream sometimes.
I am on a real high this weekend, which is good, cos I still have that little voice saying you can stop now and start eating again, but I am not listening.
Well done Ali. Its so great to hear you so happy and upbeat! It must have been amazing to buy them.

Keep up the good work and size 12's here she comes.......

P x

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