oh boy, embarrassment.

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    Finally, taking control!
    My job pays for my gym membership but I'm required to go to 2 classes a week or 8 in one month. Awesome right?

    Wrong! Because if I don't do the required amount of classes, I have to pay $57 USD.

    I did 3 Zumba classes and made myself look silly but I was okay with that because I could keep up.

    But due to scheduled changes, I won't be able to attend Zumba as often. They offer a lot of classes but I'm embarrassed. What if I can't keep up? What if I have to stop? What if I can't do what they're doing? Do I just stop and stare and wait till they move to something easier? Most people are fit that go there...and then, there's me. I know, I know...I'm being too hard on myself but I can't just tell my brain to shut up and expect it to listen every time.

    I want to do kickboxing and kettle bell classes and all sorts of fun stuff. But I talk myself out of it.

    I know people have been through this/are going through it. Any advice? Ideas to make it better? Thanks!
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    What's the worst that can happen? Every single person in there was a beginner ones, even the ones that are teaching the classes. Why not have a look on youtube at kettlebell classes to get an idea of the different moves so it won't be such a surprise once you get in there. Just do it! I went to my first spin class and dropped my bottle of water and it exploded everywhere and it looked like I'd peed myself, and then I had to do 45 minutes of spin class!! But no one batted an eyelid. Life's too short, just do what you want to do and if you hate it you don't have to go again! x
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    Who cares if you can't keep up? You're still doing more than if you weren't there at all right? I started a Boxercise class and at first I felt ridiculous because everyone was doing so much better than me, they were quicker than me, seemed to struggle less than me and managed to fit in more than me but the instructor kept telling me to do what I can do, do my best and that's all that matters. She also pointed out that every other person there had been going for at least 6 weeks and that 6 weeks ago they were where I was then. Even though I wasn't able to do as much as everyone else I made sure I gave it my all and at the end I actually had quite a few people, including the instructor, tell me that I did really well for my first session. It's not a competition, you're not there to compare yourself and the others aren't either, just go and give it everything you've got and you'll find that with each class you've got a bit more to give each time. Remember, they were starting out same as you once and those people who are slim and fit now may not always have been. Go for it, you've got nothing to lose.
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