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oh dear, would it be so bad if i stopped now?

i hit 10,13 at the weigh in on saturday, the first time i have been this light since i was about 18. A year ago i was 14,7 and have lost the wieght with cambridge and the last stone ish with ww

all my ww leader could say, was oh you are near your 10% now, so you'll want to lose at least another stone after that :eek:, that will make you normal size :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:

i just calculated my bmi and its around 26, now i know to be "normal" i should be 24.9 but how compared to how bad i was ..........

my 10% would bring me to 10,7 - so 6 pounds to go and to be honest i think i would be happy with that or maybe 10,5 which would bring me to bmi 24.9 i think

was i wrong to think this - just that she has made me feel that i am so bloody huge still.

i fit into size 12 clohtes, my waist is 30 inches and was:( actually startung to feel okay about myself

but last night we ended up having fish and chips and choc brownies which tipped me right over my points and i feel like never going back now
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hi lovey ,im 5 ft 9 and i woiuld like to be 11 and half or 12 stone.I havnt been that low for 11 years.That was wrong of your leader to do that .Bet your beautiful girl so be proud of yourself.I think my Bmi is 35 lol ishx
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Hey hun,

Firstly a HUGE congratulations on losing all that weight! It is a MASSIVE achievement and you have done incredibly well!!! I wish I could be where you are right now! :(

Secondly, my goal BMI is 22.5 as that is exactly in the middle of the normal range and gives me a bit of flexibility in case I should put on a lb or 2! As long as you are a healthy weight and happy with yourself that is the main thing- it isnt about what a WW leader thinks you should be. If you are happy with yourself and aren't overweight why should you feel you should have to lose more? Its not fair on you for her to say that to you, its your decision how much you want to lose!!

I would suggest stopping when you are truly happy with yourself, lots of people get addicted to weightloss and end up horribly skinny, which personally I think is less flattering than being overweight! You know what you are happy with, what you can sustain and when you are ready to stop dieting!

Just a thought (please dont anyone shoot me for saying this) but WW leaders get paid for each week you attend, right, so if you stop going then they stop earning money. So she may be trying to encourage you to keep attending so that s/he can ensure you will be providing them with an income for as long as possible. Now I know this isnt the ethos of WW but it is still something I would be thinking about (and is the reason why I dont attend classes!!).

Finally I would just say that you need to think properly about whether you would like to lose a few more lbs or whether you really are happy where you are right now. I would be ecstatic to be the same weight as you and tbh I plan to stop at 10 and a half stone, and if I have any flab left to tone using exercise. Have you thought about using exercise instead of dieting to lose the last few lbs and inches???

Good luck in whatever you decide to do!!



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Well done on your fantastic loss!!! that is brilliant!

Oh Sweetheart, plllleeeeaasseee don't go by that whole bmi thing (I need to take my own advice he he)

Seriously, I've heard that they (the "experts") are thinking of getting rid of that whole system completely - as it simply cannot give an accurate "perfect weight" for everyone.

I am the same height (5ft 7) as a girl I know, we are completely differently built - she has a tiny, tiny frame and is 8 stone!!!! I know that that would probably make her "underweight" but she looks perfect, a fabulous figure, has a little belly, isnt sickly thin but looks perfect to me (because of her tiny frame)

I, on the other hand was blessed with child bearing hips he he :D I would have a bigger build - I would imagine if we weighed exactly the same, my frame would still be almost twice as big as hers but I think Id be hospitalised at 8 stone!!

Anyway - point being - everyone is different - weight vs height could not possibley give the one number for everyone.

Ignore it and stop when you are happy - your a size 12!!!! your waist is 30!!!!! you sound perfect!!!
thankyou everyone

i guess i am just finding the last little bit hard too - my leader doesnt know i lkost lots before ww so maybe she is just making me aim high (hmmmm or maybe like you say encouraging me to keep going to meetings) i think i will give myself a break this week, i am on half term from work too which dont help as i have lots of days out planned, and reassess at the end of the week

i do have gym membership and would like to be going which i think would help with the extra flab - its my tum and bum i want rid of of, but i am just so bloody knackered the whole time looking after a 2 year old and working as well - ho hum, will just see what happens i guess.

but thanks for all the input, and i do feel loads better than i did, my bmi was 34 a year a go and its now 26 so really thats not bad but it does seem like a job left undone, if i dont make the effort to get to bmi 25


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I just want to say along with the others that you have done amazingly! .. I think it hurts when we know in our hearts weve made a huge effort to achieve somthing but then somone says somthing and it all feels pointless!
Try not to let what the ww leader said get to you! You are an inspiration! I wish to be where you are soon! ... Ive 4 stone ish to lose and struggling some days as it is!

As for my goal! Im 5f3 and i weigh 14.1 at the moment and i want to get to around 10 .. or a size 12/14 i dont have a clue about thr BMI ill stop when im happy!

Good Luck ! xx and dont give up! ~hugs~
you really have done so well. Cant believe that women said that to you. But you need to listen to yourself, you know what you've achieved and so do the most important people who around you. Your doing fantastic, and i wish you all th luck in the world xxx
thanks for that

i am not counting points this week as i have so many things happening, just know its not worth tying myself up in knots tyring to save or earnextra points. But when i go back to work next week, back on the wagon and goal wieght here i come

have decided on 10,5, which is the top of the healthy range in the ww book for my height which is 5,4, that is 8lbs a way from where i was last weigh in


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Helloooooo Ginger :)

Tell your leader what YOUR goals are and this is what you are aiming for...don't let a few thoughtless comments by her put you off getting what you have worked so hard for.
You have done fabulous so far...and will continue to do so...so hold your head up high and get focused back on your goals.

Good luck Boo x


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I'm so glad you posted this as my ww leader wants me to be 11st 5lbs REGARDLESS of the fact that my doctor doesnt want me to go below 12stone, and 12 stone is a size 12, and I want to stay at 12 stone (when i get there again)
But will that make me a gold member? no!
How unfair and demorilising is that?

The only thing you can do, if she wont agree that you are there now, is to leave ww and maintain on your own. But how is this helpful?

I've even said the only place I feel like a heffer is when I am at weight watchers, last week both me and my mum left early because we felt so fed up.
I think weight watchers is great for alot of people, but for some it can cause too much anxiety It can actually turn a healthy mind set to this to an unhealthy one, as in you feel you have to please some stranger who you are paying!

I think you should tell your leader that youre at goal FOR YOu! see what she says, then report back and let us know the outcome, because i think alot of people try to lose to that elusive number they set when they may not even have to.


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honey bet u look fab!!!!
i wish i was size 12, never been near that in my life, think i was born a size 16!
im 5,7 and currently weigh 12st 6 im looking at weighing 11st 9 ish and i dont care what anyone says im not losing any after that.


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Hi Gingernutlover,

I think the important thing is to be at weight where you are happy. Other people have mentioned the BMI not always being a good guide, but neither are stones and pounds.

When I reached goal, I was 12 stone 6lb, which at 5' 10" put me at BMI 25, however I used to do a lot of exercise and had muscles which obviously weigh heavier. I was a size 12. My friend of a similar height was also a size 12, but 10 stone 10lb :confused:

This time round when I reach goal, it will be at a weight I feel I am happy at.

Good luck with whatever you decide :)
Well done on your loss first of all.

Second I totally agree with the others. My doctor has actually said hed be concerned if I got to the weight required to be at the mid point of my 'healthy' BMI. I think its far more important that youre happy with how you feel/look, I think thats where we all strive to be. If youre happy, dont let a set of numbers dictate where you go from here.

Oh and I think Nikki may also have something in her observation about your leaders ulterior motive ;)

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