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Oh god please help

What am i doing what have i done i have put on nearly 5lb again eating and going mad for my fav food
i don't even feel good eating it any more keep getting acid indegestion but everyday i say i will re-start i don't i really want to its only 5 weeks untill my birthday i know i have to re-start
any ideas to help me quit the bloody self harm im doing to my body

debz x
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Hi Debz
All I can say is I've been there! All of this summer I got more and more desperate about my size, but kept on eating. Then my best friend found out about LT and told me about it (for her, not for me). She thought I wouldn't approve but the more I heard the more I thought I'd give it a go.
You've done brilliantly on it so far, but you need to get your head back in the right place. Go and look at yourself in a mirror and make yourself really look. If you're happy with what you see then great! If not DO SOMETHING!!!

You can do it - you've proved it by losing 2 stones.

Good luck lovie.

hay hun you have done so well . ok so you have had a blip . but if as you say your so unhappy with your size then you got to sort your head and get bk on the Lt wagon , go girl you can do it .xx
Debz, this is tough hun - until your head is into it, there's not much to say!

What really gets you down - clothes, how you look, how you feel etc?
Maybe take a pic of yourself (say on your mobile) semi-naked and look at it each time you think about eating??

There is nothing I would like more now than a big pizza or chinese but I keep thinking in 'weeks' - I'll just do 1 more week, then 1 more, then 1 more.

I CANNOT think of LT being my life for the next 5 months but know where I want to be and each weeks loss spurs me to do another week...and another.

Good luck and I hope you get your motivation soon x
Hi Sweetheart
If anyone can relate to your post its me , I have tried to re-start three times in two weeks everytime i give up on day two , not because im hungry but because I crave my trigger foods. I started again yesterday an today will be my day two. I went out yesterday and upset myself in to doing this right this time, I lost 4st on LT four years ago and reached my goal of 8st10 i was teeny! i then maintaned it for all those years and crept back up to 11st which is so hard for me to live with as i suffer from depression due to how i feel about myself. I get panic attacks and anxiety about being social and i cant go out without upsetting myself.
Thee is no better feeling in the world for a girl to know you can walk in to a shop and everything will fit. When i was bigger I was limited to buying black tops black trousers and accesories.. And when i reached my goal it was skinny jeans and little dresses and knee high boots! I loveeeeeeed to shop. But yesterday i went shopping to cheer myself up and i didnt try on one item... i just knew either it wouldnt fit or i would just cry and run out of the shop!

I ended up buying three pairs of shoes and make up.. i dont want that! i wanna be in all the new seasons winter clothes! beautiful fitting coats and hats and tights and boots..

I saw a good poster recently and it said "Are you Happy? ... No... Then change something"

I'm with you on this so if you want my msn or email and i will try keep you on your toes and u can help me out then just ask me okay?
Come on deb you can do this you have proven that once but as we always say on here if your head isn't in it then you won't do it!! get your head into gear girl get back on the LT train!! imagine how much you could lose by your birthday remember we are all here to support you so get back on the forum too you know it is the way!!:)
c'mon debz!! you know this is do-able and you know that once you make it through about 4 days you'll be fine. take those 4 days a couple of hours at a time and drink gallons of water.

you know you're only hurting yourself here so why would you want to do that?! i know it's easier said than done or none of us would have to do this diet, but you CAN do it, you can shift those 5lbs plus more in week 1 and you could have 2 stone off by xmas - come on babe we're here for you!! xxx
Debz! Welcome back to the forum! That's a start! Keep posting sweetie, don't disappear again, there's always someone here to listen.

Don't punish yourself any longer. You're much too beautiful a person to abuse your body. Think of the confident highs you had while on LT and losing the weight. Get them back again. Bite the bullet and say enough is enough. It's time to start looking after number one. You deserve to be the most special person in your life.

That 5lbs will be gone in a week if you start today, and you'll be a complete stunner in 5 weeks on your Birthday. I'm here for you if you ever want a moan or a chat. We're all in this together. You have to help yourself and then we'll give you all the help we can possibly give. You're a strong, determined lady. Get that focus and don't let this bloody weight beat you!



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