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Oh iv been a naughty girl :(


time to get focused
Iv been feeling sorry for myself today after last nights chocolate binge! I finished work and ordered pizza, garlic bread, chips and coleslaw for me and my boyfriend, I had a slice of pizza and a slice of garlic bread and a few chips, on a plus me and my bf use to be able to polish off a 14" now all I can handle is 2 slices xxx
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My husband = My hero
Maybe this diet int for you, you might be better trying weight watchers or slimming world that way you can have your treats every now and again but still loose weight whereas on this diet your undoing any good work and wasting 40 quid every time u eat! You could use that money to fill the fridge with healthy food...

Good luck whatever path u take


Girl on a mission
Get straight back on that cd wagon...I have been where you are loads of times and lauren is right you waste 3-4 days of cd money every time you cheat worse thing is you have to go through the torture of the first 3 days:(. So instead of having a binge why not ss+ where you can have a chicken salad or any of the allowed foods. or Keep a cd Bar when you feel the need to eat. Good luck with what ever you decide to do :)


time to get focused
iv got back on the wagon this morning, just had my 2nd pack, checked the scales and they say the same as i weighed last weigh day so at least i aint gone over that! got today and tomorrow to shift at least 1lb before weigh day xx
just be careful 'Mantha because all the "on/off" can actually stop CD working for you .. .your body start's getting confused about what's going on.


Cambridge Consultant
Hi just put it all behind you, today is another day. I have disagree with a previous poster, just because of a blip don't question whether this diet is for you or not. Today is another day so just move on and get your focus back of where you want to be. This diet CAN and WILL work for you, sometimes life does get in the way and we choose the wrong option but as long as you see it for what it was 'a blip' then move on, you can learn from this and when faced with the same situation you may take the other option and say 'well last time i did it, it really didn't make me happy' so i think i will give it a miss. It is ok you know to say 'NO' and not have the junk food which got you to where you are today.....

So just keep going and don't give up on the Cambridge Weight Plan. It can sometimes be a bit of a learning curve ;)
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time to get focused
thank you vixkat, words of wisdom. i needed to get to about 9st 3 by 1st dec but it dont seem realistic so im gona try aim for 11 1/2 now as i have to start doing the 1000 plan 2 weeks before my surgery xxx


My husband = My hero
Hi just put it all behind you, today is another day. I have disagree with a previous poster, just because of a blip don't question whether this diet is for you or not.
I suggested another diet plan so as not to waste money as pinkmantha seems to be having all sorts of emotional battles, with her having a goal for an operation I didn't want her wasting time or money taking backwards steps because of off days. I do believe 810 or higher would be more appropriate so she can still have a meal and not be deprived and therefore not bonbons and givin herself a hard time

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