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Oh my god. I have to shout it from the roof tops!!


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Well done, and really inspirational.

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EE. Keeping it simple. I ate all new HEB's this week. went from alpens to kellogs fibre plus.

Food diary in the weightloss diary bit xx


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I am gobsmacked, absoloutly.. in disbelief. After jokingly pledging a 6lb loss at last weeks class..

I actually did it. :eek: I, Fern Bailey, after two years on slimmingworld and almost a year at target, has lost.. in one week.. almost double what i did in my first week ever. I never thought that figure was possible, even at my biggest, :eek::eek::eek::eek: I am stunned. I almost want to cry.

This week I:

Read the thread which included the article reguarding the difference between emotional hunger and physical hunger. This really spoke to me and as a result i have taken steps to tackle this.

every time i feel hungry, i have thought about when the last time i ate was, what i ate.. and whether the hunger i am feeling was instant, or somthing i'd felt for a period of time.. like suggested.

when i felt emotionally hungry and couldnt actually think of anything but food, i ate an apple.

I worked very hard on having only one biscuit, instead of 5.

I ate all my meals, very very very slowly. I sat with two glasses of water, and took a sip in between each couple of bites. I also put my knife and fork down during bites to give myself time to chew and swallow, to avoid eating so fast (my main downfall) which sets my asthma off and doesnt allow my body to register that im full. I actually ended up leaving food on my plate for the first time ever..

concentrating on emotional hunger/physical hunger made me realise how much excess 'free food' i eat, just because i can. This has obviously been making quite the inpact on my losses. I have not made myself hungry, but i have certainly realised i did not need all that food. I must find a new hobby to fill my time with! LOL.

i also did aquafit on monday night, which was fun but as iv done it before i dont think it was the main reason, although it does give good losses.. but never as big as this for me! :eek:

and most importantly. I stopped being fixated on losses. I concentrated on fixing my emotional problems with food.. and thus relaxed myself.

I just keep staring at my book.. Im amazed. I never ever contemplated those numbers. Never.. i thought 2lbs at most!!! :eek:

Just brilliant....:happy096: :D x


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:worthy: :worthy: :worthy: :worthy: :worthy: :worthy: That's fabulous and so so brilliant you're looking at the psychological side since that can be the biggest demon here. :worthy: And 6 lbs is just amazing :D You deserve to feel fabulous!
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Well done Fern!! That is a fantastic loss and I can see that it must have been very emotional for you.
I'm so impressed by your determination. xx


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Well done on such a big loss and getting back in control over your hunger needs.

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