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oh no need help quick

i know bt lks and tastes like heaven i didnt ave it i ad my vanilla shake :eek:)
well i wnt the pizza bt wnt this more hehe so unfair all the yummy food is so bad for u and i miss actually eating food in general i ave so much time on my hands now :O)
bt u look tiny in your pic :eek:) im heay bt i dnt think i actually look it. how do i put a pic up?


French Honey
That's why it's only a pic of my face :) it gets worse as you go down :D Seriously, I am freakish, I look like Mr Bump, fine-ish from the front but L shaped with legs from the side. People tell me that on a VLCD you lose weight from the top down, God help me then, because I need to lose it the other way round.

You have to upload a pic as an avatar, which is all in your user cp bit, there's probably better guidance under the tutorials though because I couldn't do it at first and it's a bit of a fluke that it's there now.

How much weight are you going to lose? You're doing Lipotrim aren't you?
aww thnx forever hope :eek:)

i dnt knw im hopin 4 stone already nrly lost one :eek:) i culdnt believe how much a weighed at the time i wanted to cry
Just think you could have weighed that again if you'd have eaten that lovely peperoni pizza ;) xx
Well done Missy Mint - you avoided the devils pizza !!! I know how much you wanted to eat it, but just think how much you'd hate yourself if you'd eaten it and thrown yourself out of ketosis.

ye now i dnt even want it because i cnt smell it and am full of water hehe ive followed the tutorials for the ticker but i cant find how to add a pic then you can all see me :)
you need to post more to put piccy up i think its over 20/25 posts .....get posting
oh rite thnx for that i will :eek:) so does it get easier this whole thing?? i dont want to stay on longer than 12 wks and but still have 45lbs to loose will going to the gym help or hinder?
question , questions easy tiger go steady at the gym and I would leave it a week or so before you do. x
ye well its my second week and before this i was going gym 3 times a week its free at work hehe and really going hard at it but i dont wnt it to stop me loosing

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