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Oh no.. Tango'd?!!

Hi, would anyone be able to tell me if costco rotisserie chicken is less than 5 per cent fat?! Just had 170g of it thinking it was ok but my fitness pal said different?!!!! I am only one day 1 and am sitting here thing OMG what is about to happen?! (ie how long after, for how long etc!)

Flipping eck. Not good! xx
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chicken skin is so damn good but so damn bad with Xenical, Mr Tango Man can take a day or even two to arrive, sometimes he doesn't when you think he will.

I hope he doesnt visit you, but if he does *hugs* x
Hiya, thanks for coming back to me so quick - think I may be ok as I didnt eat the skin and as most of the fat is in that I am hoping and crossing everything that I will be ok!!!!
Mr Tango is a weirdo, turns up when you don't always expect it, he visted me 2 days back when all I had eaten was veggies!! x
Different foods can have a different effect of people. Even foods that fit into the xenical rules can affect you. So some foods you will just have to try and see what happens. I have no problem eating eggs but some people can't eat them.
Thanks ladies, its like sitting on a time bomb isnt it!!! Am feeling ok and fingers crossed all will be ok - but slightly concerned as I am at work tomorrow and couldnt face any accidents! xx
I have a spare pair of tousers and underware under my desk. In 3 months I only had to change once (and it was my fault). If you stick to the rules you shouldn't be to worried.

It is a bit nerve recking when you start out first but for me the benefits defiantly out way the negatives and I wouldn't change my desicion to take it.


Violet is shrinking
You should be ok with chicken, but it all depends on what it's cooked in...but we're all different. Bare in mind that what you've eaten pre xenical in the last few days could get a reaction, so if something does happen, it may not be the chicken :)
Hi Ladies - not been tango'd and am so happy!!!! Thanks for your support - think I was so pertrified of being caught short in work - love the idea of spare clothes there just in case!! Thanks again xx

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