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Oh The Shame - so much worse than i thought!

Oh my god, have just done my first ever exercise video!
All i managed was the 10 minute warm up! and i was exhausted :eek:
I cant believe how bad shape i am in! My OH has been teasing me about doing exercise, saying he wanted to watch it for entertainment, now i can understand what he means... :cry:
And i bought 5 different dvd's off ebay so i wouldnt get bored.... at this rate, i will never even finish the 1st one!!! :(
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Awe hun, i know how you feel! I am the same as you!!

I am going to start off with swimming every few eves, Then start the gym, and then for xmas hopefully! (fingers crossed) Get the new wii fit plus!! (not even played wii fit yet lol).. It has really got me wanting one as you have your own trainer !!

Cant wait!!

But take it step by step, you be surprised!!

And hey get your OH doing it too, bet he be struggling! :)
Hi! I felt like that with Claire from Steps dvd - in the end I had to watch it a) to get my breath and b) to work out the moves! have bounced around on my mini trampoline this morning with some good tunes though xx


Nojo on the YoYo
I started out with the Rebecca Wheatley DVD, she lost loads of weight with Slimming World, I think around 12 stone, and made a DVD. I can't do that one anymore as my fitness levels are too high for it, but when i first did it, it got me really really out of puff!

I do Davina now and it's brilliant.
I was the same Hun...joined the Gym at work (Army base) and started doing a few minutes here and there on each machine....now, I can go a full hour and half and have climbed Scafel Pike and climbing Snowdon next month!!!
Next year have put my name down for the 3 Peaks 24 hour challenge and for someone that used to weigh 21 stone 7...I dont think thats too bad...do you?? Lol.

Little steps to begin with and soon you will be climbing mountains (literally!!)

Lol i was the same when i bought the ministry of sounds pump it up dvds....

But you get used to it, i build my self up to it.

Id probably actually be out of breath if i did them now as not done them in a while lol but i keep saying im goin to start using them again!

I couldnt bear my partner watching lol i used to tell him im goin to do my dvds and would shut the lving room door over :)
Mrs V - that's amazing! Your weight loss and doing the 3 peaks challenge!! x
So what hun!! 10 minutes is 10 minutes that you wouldn't have normally done. It all adds up! People who run marathons in 30 mins didn't run thier first marathon in 40, .. you'v gotta start somewhere, so what if it was the warm up today, next time youl do the warmup plus 5 minutes more.. then 10 more.. then before you'l know it's youl be moving on to the next one! Cut yourself some slack hun, your doing well.. and the first step is buying them in the first place, youv made a commitment! xxxx
Don't worry hun!!

Some of them are really hard! I work out with a personal trainer 3 times a week and some of the DVDs I can't manage them!

!0 minutes done though is 10 minutes towards a healthier you! Maybe take a 10 minute break and then try for another 10. You could try and do an hour like this a day, which would be 30 mins total excercise. :)

Then maybe start doing 12 mins excercise with an 8 minute break etc. etc. Soon enough you'll be able to do a whole workout.

Well done for having the motivation to get started! That's 10 minutes more excercise than most of the nation has done today (me included!) although you have inspired me to get my Davina DVD back out.
Bless...remember Rome wasn't built in a day, and thats still standing, take it slow build up and before you know it you'll be wizzing through them dvd's x
Don't worry too much - when I first got my Cross Trainer I could barely manage 10 mins - but stuck to it and made myself finish 10 mins every day.
Every week I add another 10 mins on and can do 40 mins now, fairly easily! :D
the first time i did the davina power of three one (only managed power of 2 - tried the plank and could not hold my body weight up) could not walk up and down stairs for 2 days. Not easy when bedroom is upstairs and so is loo lol. had to go very slowly on bum so i feel for you honey
Little & often I always say!

If you try to throw yourself into it too much when you start out you often ending up hating it or hurting yourself anyways. Theres absolutely nothing wrong with 10 minutes! Work your way up & your body will slowly get used to it. Go girl!!! :)


i seriously swear i am up 2 no good !
i am the same the first time i decided to walk home i had walked about 15mins b4 i phoned my dad to collect me . i also have bought various dvds with good intentions but have always ended up watching them out of puff after a few mins so i would not worry.


Mad old Bat with Attitude
It WILL get easier! (Please say it isn't Nell McAndrews! I needed the paramedics after the firts 5 mins of that! ) I find Rosemary Conley good as you know what she's going to do next and shows someone doing the easy version, or she tells you to leave out the arms or to march on the spot.


That mars bar aint love..
Urghh i know! its so horrid!! but u have to stick to it i started running 4 weeks ago i had to stop all the time basically walked it and only did it twice a week as my muscles were KILLING 2 days after! Now i run for 20 mins every day! WITHOUT STOPPING! and what used to be hell on earth i now really enjoy!

Its horrible but KEEP GOING!!! Also for more info if you have more red days its more protein! good for your muscle repair!! but then agaain carbs will help you burn energy....

anyway keep at it you will soon see the results!! xxx

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