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Ohh Bugger

I know I shouldn't but I weigh myself every day .
(My scales matched exactly those of the chemists 30 mins after my first appointment)

I'm on day 6 and have lost 3 or 4 lbs every day.

Today ... Nothing ... stayed the same !!

The only thing I did different was I went to the gym and did some walking on the treadmill and some weights (400 calories)

I am gutted .... totally gutted

Can this happen and why ?

Have I done something wrong ? :mad:
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Determined to succeed ...
Yes, this does happen sometimes ... I think this is why they recommend you don't weigh yourself daily!

Clearly you're not going to loose the amount each day aa you have been ['cause a lot of this early 'weight' is fluid adjustment!]

I like you are a daily weigher and I work on the theory that [for us lasses the average is 4lb a week] 0.5lb a day is on target BUT if I've been 100% :innocent0002: the previous day and the scales don't move I DO NOT CARE as I couldn't have done any more. None of us put on the weight in a day so we won't put it all right in a day LOL

Stick with it - You're doing great!
Don't worry. I am the same - weighting every day. I must change that as this may upset sometimes.. I done light exercises and sometimes it stops my weight but then after 2 days I have a lost again so don't worry. I am sure this have something to do with exercising...


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Deezer said:
Don't forget muscle is heavier than fat... maybe take measurements also... waist etc... x
Avaya said:
I hope it's that but can we gain muscle by walking long distance? I am not sure about that...
No muscle doesn't weigh more than fat, it's the same .. 1tonne of feathers is the sane weight as 1tonne of bricks just there are alot more feathers.

You can however change your fat into muscle (so I believe) which might result in a STS but with just walking and burning 400cals I doubt that at this stage chick.

I wouldn't worry about not losing anything from day to day as our body weight constantly fluctuates so just stick to the sane day, same time, same clothes & if you're 100% you can't go wrong :)
Did not lose anything yesterday as well... was really gutted but stuck at it . This morning lost 3lb. That is still a lb a day over the 3 days so I am well happy. Day 8 today and lost 15lb now. I suppose the moral of this story is dont get too pissed off too quickly, hang in there a day or so when things are not going too well and wait to see what happens.

Once again thank you all for your support, calm words kept me focused.

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