Oisin's 85lb challenge

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by oisin, 8 January 2010 Social URL.

  1. oisin

    oisin Silver Member

    This is my second attempt at cd after putting on all my weight again while i was pregnant.

    My challenge is to loose 85lb before the 5th June as im bridesmaid at my brothers wedding.

    I'm on day 4 at the minute and am feeling really positive, have just finished my 2nd ltr of water and yummy orange bar ;)
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  3. NumNums

    NumNums Becca

    Best of luck to you hun. And congratulations on your bundle :)
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  4. mrsessex

    mrsessex Gold Member

    85 lbs very doable in 6 months... head down and all the best ;)

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  5. Aseyan

    Aseyan Full Member

    Well look at that! We have almost identical goals and we're also pretty close in our goal date - I'm a month behind you :). I'm sure you'll do great! I stepped on the scales and after 3 days I've lost 5 pounds so I'm all sorts of ecstatic. Best of luck to you darling - not that you'll need it!
  6. Blingbabe

    Blingbabe Back On Track!

    Well done oisin, I am day 5 and could have broken into the neighbours kitchens to nick their food, I was so hungry.
    My CD counsellor doesn't allow the bars until week 3, hope they don't slow down your progress into ketosis but as you have done this diet before you know what works best for you.

    Good Luck, you will be a lovely slim bridesmaid!
  7. oisin

    oisin Silver Member

    Thanks Girls x

    Well its day 5 for me and im feeling fantastic and this morning while i was cleaning i had to keep pulling my trousers up lol so im hoping for a good loss on monday.
  8. hope70

    hope70 Full Member

    Good luck! Also day 5... here seem to be a lot of us, must be a post christmas thing! Congrats on the baby as well.
  9. oisin

    oisin Silver Member

    Day 5 done and dusted!! Tummy was rumbling like mad tonight

    Bring on tomorrow
  10. louisa83

    louisa83 Full Member

    Well done hun roll on day 6 x
  11. oisin

    oisin Silver Member

    Day 6 almost over

    Looking forward to WI tomorrow x
  12. Blingbabe

    Blingbabe Back On Track!

    Excellent - you will soon have first week over!
  13. oisin

    oisin Silver Member

    Woo hoo 15lb off :party0011:

    TINKERBELLA Silver Member

    well done oisin 15lbs thats amazing!!!!!!!!
  15. AlexIce

    AlexIce Silver Member

    That is an amazing result :) You are well on your way to goal. Congratualtions!
    I have a wedding to go to in June too and I am really looking forward to surprising people.
  16. oisin

    oisin Silver Member

    Thanks Alexice

    The wedding im going to is in Ireland and they aint seen me since april last year, so it will be a shock for them if i can keep this diet up lol

    Good luck on your journey hun x
  17. oisin

    oisin Silver Member

    Week 7 and i have lost 42lb so far, just 43lb to go before june

    eek2 ~

    Week3 ~5lb
    Week4 ~5lb
    Week5 ~7lb
    Week6 ~ 4lb
    Week7~ 7lb
    Week8 & 9 ~ 4lb
    week10 ~5lb
    Week11 ~ 4lb
    Week12 - 4lb
    week13 - 4lb 5 stone :wow:
    week14 - 2.5lb
    week15 - 4lb
    week - 16 3.7lb
    week 17 no WI
    week 18 - 2.5lb
    week 19 - 5lb fell pregnant but had a m/c
    Restart 2nd febWeek 1- 15.5lb
    week 2 - 3.3lb
    week 3 - 5lb
    week 4 - 3lb woo hoo pg again
    91lb lost
    Baby girl born Oct 22nd 09
  18. 212degrees

    212degrees 112lbs lost - 28 to go!

    that's fantastic! Many congrats hun - your doing so well! you must be so pleased.
  19. oisin

    oisin Silver Member

    Wooo Hoooo another loss of 4.5lb for me this week...

    32lb to goooooooooooooo!!!!
  20. LeaPJ

    LeaPJ Perseverance is key

    Goodness you're doing amazingly!! How are you pulling these numbers, share the success!! lol. Are you on SS? If so, can I ask what you have? Lol I obviously need tips :p xx
  21. oisin

    oisin Silver Member

    Hi Hun

    Yes im doin ss, I have 3 tetras and a bar each day along with 4ltrs of water xx

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