OK am I actually bone idle ???


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OMG! I love it!!! I love it!! I want one!

I hate Christmas trees. Like them in other peoples houses...just not my own. I hate the whole palaver (even though I know I have to do it).

Don't think I can get away with a poster but a girl can dream eh :D


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December 1st??? :eek: :eek:


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I don't want Christmas too early and I don't even want to think about starting shopping for it yet, but I love putting up my tree, I think it's the best part of Christmas, getting out all the old decorations, including the hideous home-made ones. Luv it!


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em, well my kid is still little so I get treated to new ones each year! Hve to admit though...I have an artificial tree cos we go home to Dublin for Christmas, so theres no point having a real one here....Will prob put mine up around dec 1st as well!!


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oh no, cant bare christmas.. too expensive and have to destroy my house for a month with icky twinkling lights! My cats go crazy! the poster seems like the perfect thing for me!!


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Bogroll Santas

Oh yeah the kids Play Group Snowflakes or Silverfoil stars! Bless em - i've still got ones they made.

My mum still has the bog roll santa I made at playschool, with cotton wool moustache still in tact and felt coat hahah, and STILL puts it up on the tree and im 32 now! hahahhah

I'll never throw mine away - even when I change the colour of my decs, ive done the gold and red, gold and last year was eclectic with frosty things, mirror balls you name it was bunged on there.

(I actually "let go" last year and let the kids decorate the tree, it bugged me as they have no idea of "spacing" hahahah so I waited until they went to bed to "put it right" hahahah, meanie aren't i).

I think this year I will be more "minimalist" hahahah.

Must put something up outside the house though just to P the neighbour off over the road - hes such a grump! hahahah Hmmmm maybe an 8ft Santa?



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the "Christmas fairy" (one year she was over 25 stone and still climbing ladders to pin stuff up!!) usually puts all our decs up somewhere around the 20th... she has been known to leave them until Dec 23rd before now! :eek: She's dead keen on taking 'em down on Jan 2nd and all... lol ;)

I LOVE Christmas.. love the contagiousness of it all.. love the candlelit communion service at midnight on Christmas Eve... the carols (although I did hear someone humming one today!!)... love the joy of it all... feel for those who find it a sad or emotional time (been there done that got the red and white felt hat with flashing baubles on it!).:rolleyes:

We never have a real tree as I was once told the needles are poisonous to animals... not only that the dog would wee up it and the cat would scratch it..:rolleyes:

Last Christmas was ok.. this Christmas is going to be much better and I just let the girls go mad.. I have all the decs they did when they were little.. they look crappy but so lovely too... it's just a fight to stop the cat climbing up and getting caught in the lights again, and no choccie decs as the dog demolishes everything if he gets a whiff of food!!:mad:

Not so keen on the poster but would be great if you lived on a boat or in a tent I s'pose.;)

Last year me and my mate made handmade Christmas cards one wet and miserable November afternoon - they looked pants but were good fun! Lots of glue, glitter, felt, cotton wool... all sorts of tat! hee hee


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NO, NO , NO, not the same at all, what about having to hoover up twice a day?? What about still finding the needles 4 months later??