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ok please threaten me!


is a naughty girl...
OK I was one of the smug lot who found Cambridge really easy and that has come to bite me on the bum!

I am finding it nearly impossible to get back on track....I am going to get weighed tomorrow so my CDC can kick my rather large bottom!

I was sensible over christmas and now I am not, I actually ate an easter egg yesterday!

Please please please can you kick me up the bum, give me motivational tips, let me up on to the wagon with you, show me the correct path, threaten me with violence?! anything that you think might help me!! :D

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Hey :). (If you're still at the BMI where it's OK) How about you do a week of SS or SS+ to get you back out of the habit of conventional eating?

Chocolate is my biggest sin as well - don't worry! I just try to make sure there's only a very small amount of it in the house at any time.

Best of luck :).
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Does your CDC weigh you on those fab scales that tell you what knickers your wearing? lol. Ive had health shocks by going on those scales, its not about vanity for me now. Its about not getting diabetes, other health risks etc. Thats been a HUGE kick up the arse for me. My motivation in the beginning (well, last week) was about what I look like...now its staying healthy. And beleive me if you had seen me over christmas eating everything in sight, chucking back bottles of vodka and coke you would never beleive im doing this, its opened my eyes!

Good luck hun xx


is a naughty girl...
Thanks girls, the most annoying this is I know I can do I am just choosing not too and then I lie in bed and feel bad about it! I need to find my mojo and will power!! hopefully my WI on Wed will help I also feel it will make me cry :(


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S: 11st3lb C: 9st13lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 25.4 Loss: 1st4lb(11.46%)
Definitely some good advice on that thread about just nibbling protein foods when you're feeling tempted!

When I crave chocolate I try to pursuade myself to have a boiled egg.
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hey stranger! i did this too, good over xmas and then fell this week! for no reason just ate a load of crap and hated myself for it, and spent the whole time feeling bad, use the scales to motivate yourself! and get back to it. At the end of the day you cant change your actions now,its done, so dont get upset,pick yourself up, dont dwell and put your efforts into getting back into ketosis.

There you go, consider it a kick up the bum!! :)

Glad your back xx


Can hug her knees :)
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Megan I'm so with you on this in although I think I'm gonna be okay now, I was so confident on it before and found it easy, had a break before my birthday and spent a total of 4 weeks off plan because I just couldn't get back on, making excuses and stuff as to why it was okay to eat all the kids Xmas chocolate etc :)
hope you get back into the right mindset soon xx


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chin up hun you will find your mojo I was going to be good over xmas but I jumped off the wagon big time put on 9lbs and then struggled to get back on it again I am well into week 2 of SS and feel back in control I did it by what was said above when I really couldn't resist I ate protien and an extra shake and after day 4 I was ok and have leveled out at last. its a habbit most of the time for me and it comes in the evening, I have been keeping myself distracted with the wii, minimins and bubble baths. I am sure a visit to your CDC will help it always sorts me out xx
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I got some great advice yesterday. I've never done CD before and last week I failed miserably, only losing 4lb!! I hated everything I tried, soups and shakes, but I feel motivated now. Finally found some products I like and will keep pushing on with some amazing advice form this board. You've done so well. I look up to people like you because this is no easy thing to do. GO GiRL.... You can do it xxxxx

Oh Yeah and :grouphugg:cause we're in it together.


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im the same!
a few lbs away from goal and NOW im struggling! whats that all about eh!
I was fairly ok over xmas, only put on half lb, but didnt weigh last week cos of the stupid snow, and think thats whats done it!
Regular WI's and a good kick is whats required for all I think!

C'MON..... WE CAN DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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S: 17st11lb C: 17st9lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 39.9 Loss: 0st2lb(0.8%)
you didn't fail Claire you lost 4lbs thats still fab I am glad you have found something you like it does make a difference.


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yuck me either lol


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Hi onlyme

I was wondering where you were. Its taken me a long time to get back on track, now on day 9 of SS+ but thought I would never get to this point.
What worked for me is that the size 14 clothes that I so proudly bought after a couple of months on CD last year were now getting noticeably tight on me. I had the evidence in the mirror that unless I got a grip on CD or some sort of respected diet plan, I would be heading back to the size 16's and 18's. It was up to me.

I know what you mean about Easter Eggs though, I am completely mad about them, lets not go there! Easter will be 4th April I believe this year and I will have to make sure that I have CD choc products all day.

Good Luck, you have accomplished so much already x


is a naughty girl...
Thanks Blingbabe...I am on day 0, In my head I get back on it tomorrow. I need to get weighed see the damage, cry to myself and get on with it! Wll done you for getting on it :) I am so jealous hehe


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Megan - I am so with you on this. I am having awful problems getting back on track. I managed after new Year - only to get sabotaged by my birthday which ended up off track for 4 days. Yesterday I got restarted but today got up and somehow it felt logical to drive for an hour to my favourite Japanese restaurant. At the last minute I talked myself out of it and came back to the flat and had some leek & potato soup.

I don't know why it is so hard this time and was so easy last time. The thing is Megan - it's a mental thing. We have to get our heads back into the right space, make the right choices and just think of how proud we will feel when we get to goal.

We can do it.
We CAN do it.

One step at a time, one meal at a time we will get there.

This summer we will be wearing lovely clothes, showing off our beautiful bodies and enjoying being slim!

We are strong, not weak. We are in control of our bodies. We will not be controlled by little desires to eat what we shouldn't

We will be kind to our bodies by putting healthy food in.

ok lol that is what I will be repeating to myself until it sinks in. I will get back on track. It was easy before xmas and it will get back to being easy again.

I think next xmas I may go to a country which doesn't celebrate it!

hugs to you Megan.... we can do it!!!!



is a naughty girl...
Jill, thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words....I tried to give you rep, but I need to spread it out a bit!

Well done you for getting back on track, shows me that it can be done :) hope all is gooing well for you and I can take inspiration from what you have done! :D
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Hey onlyme good to see you are still around.
Well i am also due my 1st wi tomorrow so maybe we can support each other as i also fell off the wagon over xmas/new yr period.
Am currently on day 2 of restart and have been struggling since 4pm so am going to have my porridge in a mo.
So come on girlie we have done it once we can definately do it again xx

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