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Old habits are gonna die hard


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Without thinking.
A break in my activity, so what shall I eat? Then it dawns on me...I am on day 2 ss so the only option is more water.
For a moment it was so real, just living my life, searching in my bag for my snack (um, banana bread). But it wasn't there but my container of sunshine orange was brightly smiling at me.
So, here I am with my water and a laptop for a distraction.
I just want it to feel natural not like I'm missing out. Ho, hum.
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It will get easier and those little habbits will start to creep away, and by the sounds of your determination you can do it! you just need to get used to your new routine! sometimes doing certain things or places still make me feel like i should be eating/drinking but day to day im sure you'll find it gets easier. good luck! xx
It will get easier and instead of searching for a snack it will be your water bottle lol. It's just a habbit that will soon change and be replaced by another and it's amazing how quick it happens. You realise to that picking at food literally was just a habbit not because of hunger but just because it's what we get used to doing. Good luck, you will feel loads better by the end of the week


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LOL. One of the weirdest things about being on CD is suddenly realising that you don't quite know what to do with yourself.

Turns out eating was taking up a fair proportion of my day...

Now I've got all this free time!
I take a bottle of water to work and just try to keep busy busy busy!! I also tick off each day that I do 100% which has been every day for 2 weeks (yay!)

Every day when I wake up I keep thinking that I have overeaten for 10 years so 12 weeks of no food is nothing in comparison!

Keep going and you'll achieve your goal in no time!

kylie xx


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Turns out eating was taking up a fair proportion of my day...

Now I've got all this free time!
Me too. Especially mealtimes, now just making soup is so quick. Mind you, it is a lifesaver at breakfast time - chaos reigns in our house.


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I got myself a reward chart and get my kids to stick a sticker on for every 100% I do - I would feel really bad if I had to tell them that I didn't get a sticker so I don't cheat...

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