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S: 80.5kg C: 72kg G: 60kg BMI: 26.4 Loss: 8.5kg(10.59%)
Hello again!

This is me >> https://www.minimins.com/threads/dirty-thirty-diary.355557/

I lost almost 20kg doing Exante TS a couple of years ago. I got to 63kg before I stopped recording my weight- then continued on WS so I think I got to about 60. I maintained for about a year and then over the last few months began slacking- no gym, takeaways only and BOOM - I'm 73.9kg.

Here's my readings from Saturday:
weight: 73.9kg
27.1 BMI
29.8% fat
49.4% water
35% muscle mass
3.4kg bone mass

I have yet to do measurements- I remember it most definitely helped last time, being able to see a change in measurements for weeks where the scales didn't show losses.

I'd have thought it was so much easier to do this seeing as I successfully did it before, but it's really really not- I've fallen off the wagon repeatedly. The only thing missing was a diary and community of peers - so here I am, back again, trying again! I'd really like to shift a couple of dress sizes by an event in April. If I stick to TS, I know it's achievable... its just about getting into ketosis to begin with!

And it doesn't help when people I work with graze on crisps and chocolates constantly. Makes me want to punch them. Even more so if they're enjoying it.

Monday will probably be the best day for a weigh in. With any luck I'll be in ketosis by then!

Food wise I've stocked up on a bunch of Exante bits to get me started - shakes, soups, I really liked the spaghetti Bol back then so got some of those. Also got some bars from Superdrug's slender plan (because they're cheaper and have the same macros & vitamin levels). Another one I discovered towards the end of my diet - and wished I'd found earlier- is Forza's stir it slim meal replacements. Their hot Chocolate, Latte and Caramel Latte were to die for, though I found them a bit pricey at £5 for three. Boots have stopped selling them. I've got a couple left, and I know I can find them at H&B if I need more. These were amazing for long work days, because one sachet is one meal replacement, but one sachet was far too sweet and better spread across three cups - so I'd have a shake or boiled eggs with spinach/broccoli in the morning, one of these sachets would make up three cups of hot MRP throughout the day then I'd have a bar or soup before bed.
Drinks wise I have loads of my fave, Old Jamaica diet ginger beer. (NB: citric acid doesn't affect my losses, in fact, having hot lemon water in the mornings was previously very very helpful!). I keep a jug of water on my desk at work, and I drink cups of Pukka detox tea when I'm feeling a bit yuck, and it helps!

So... please wish me luck, and please give me a kick up the bum when I need it!!
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