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Old photo's

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Does anyone else look at old photo's and just burst into tears?

I was just looking on my facebook at pictures taken, probably only 4 years when I was about a size 8/10 and (even though I couldn't see it then) I can see how good I looked back then and how slim I was.

Then I looked at pictures from my sisters birthday (8 months ago)and my birthday (6 months ago) and I just got so upset at how big I look in them (I was around a size 20).

It was my 21st birthday and I can never have that back and I just feel like it was wasted because I was so big.
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Can't w8 2 b "Dr.WMBB" :)
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theres one photo i look at from a holiday 4 years ago and think "i looked alright actually" and then one from last year and i just think " why on earth did i wear a bikini"..... but im determined to not think that this year x
yep i do i can not believe it was me back then.!!

but glad i have them still i have one on my facebook and the rest of me now 4 stone lighter.!!

makes me feel proud and ready to work hard to keep it off.!

But having photo's do help i think anyway.x



plodding away
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I've been big for most of my life - although not this big :eek: When I look back at photos I just feel a tad sad that I look so unhappy. But no more looking back only looking forward from now on :D


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Oh Sweetie, I know exactly how you feel :cry:
I used to be size 8/10 then started to put a little weight on in my early 20's, only a tiny bit at that time though BUT>>>Then in my late 20's I packed in smoking and I ate tons of choc and McDonalds to stop me from reaching for the fags...hense a huge weight gain, in total it's around 7 stone:eek::rotflmao:. I have some lovely photos of me when I was slim and yes, I almost cry when I see them. I've been really over weight for about 4 years I think, so I know what it feels like to be slim and I want it back soooo bad :D:D:D especially as I'm now in my 30's.

Katie, you have come soooo far, your weight loss is fab, and you will soon be back in your slim clothes...you know you will :D then you will be loving that camera again heee heee. I've avoided being in pictures for a few years, even on our wonderful holidays to Disneyland with our little girl (when she's older looking back at them she'll probably think she went with just her Daddy)...but now I get in on them so my daughter does have a record of me in those special events and also now I'm planning on getting slim, it'll be nice to have photos to see how far I have come.

Wow...I've gone on a bit haven't I?? lol

I just wanted to say I know how you feel and also I know you will feel when you're back to the real you, you'll feel fantabulosa!!!!

Keep going hun, you're doing great :D xxx

p.s. When you're back to you, you can always have a big night out to celerbrate your 21st again, make it really special, no one would stop you!!!

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I know how you feel, i dont really get upset and cry i just get really mad with myself ,:mad: i think why did you let yourself get bigger when its so hard to loose the weight and so easy to put it on! I get madcos iv done it lso many times, loosing the weight and then it creeps back on (sigh) I just try to use those photos as motivation to get back the way i want. Good luck with your weight loss. x


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i feel the same i look back at pictures and think i looked good back then but at the time i rember been a size 12 and thinking i was huge
what i would give now to be a size 12
i feel the same i look back at pictures and think i looked good back then but at the time i rember been a size 12 and thinking i was huge
what i would give now to be a size 12
Ditto exactly that, I used to think I was big at 9 stone, and even got slimming tablets :eek: I was young and naive but the doctor should have known better,...in fact, I heared he was being investigated :p


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I know the feeling aswell ladies :cry:. I feel sad and angry with myself, when I look back at old photos. I also used to think I was fat, and always felt self concious...if only I could get back to that size again :sigh:. I've recently stuck a "fat photo" up on my fridge and kitchen cupboard, to stop me reaching for the biccies. I've just uploaded an album on here aswell, with some slim, not so slim and fat pics lol. Its just depressed me actually, but at least its stopped me thinking about choccie for 10 minutes lol!


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Well I've never been slim...ever...but when i look at old pictures, it annoys me a bit why didn't anyone intervene back then? like my mother? or someone or even a doctor! It was clearly evidant that i was overweight and something should have been done about it then.

I HATE seeing parents "treating" children to food...if your good we can go to Mc Donalds...NO.

Rant over...though i was recently tagged in a photo from St Patricks day when i was 16 few months before i started WW (not many photos of myself at that time) and lord i was huge...i even had fat fingers! But i honestly never THOUGHT i looked as big as i was, never really weighed myself or nothing.

But you'll get there katie Victoria..then you'll have all the pictures to prove how you've turned your life and yourself around



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Completely know how you feel on this one. I remember seeing pics from my 18th birthday bash back in 2003 and thinking i looked quite good. I was a 12/14 and i felt at the time i was huge and ugly, the usual i guess. Present day and im a size 24, what i wouldnt give to be back there!
S: 13st12lb C: 10st10lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 23.5 Loss: 3st2lb(22.68%)
I think having those photos are a great incentive to get fit and healthy. I have two photos in my purse, one when I was a teenager (I know i will never get back to that shape but all the same!) where i had a figure that i loved and I could wear what i liked, then I've a photo taken last April (09) where I was at my heaviest and taken just before I started weightwatchers, (that ones in my photo gallery if you want a look) these two pictures remind me of where i was and where i want to be and stop me from buying things in the shop that I don't really need to eat.
Keep it up and we'll all have pictures that we can be proud of.

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