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omfg 37,5 syns today


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not a good day today so i will put everything down no matter how bad :sigh:

B = 2 ww bread bacon lettuce tom mayo (2)

L = Iceland chicken chunks (2.5) lettuce tom mayo spring onions

D = was having pork and veggies but didnt instead had velvet crisps (4) bacardi (5) 3 x asda triple chocolate biscuits (24)

syns 37.5

:mad::mad::cry::mad::mad: i no nothing i can do now but next days till get weighed have 5-10 syns and be good, duno if cos im hungry on red day but cooking meat taking forever to do so tea in fridge for a mix2max day tomoz

So can i do that by decreasing my syns for next few days or not???
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I often have 35 syns on a saturday (I have wine) and keep an eye on my syns for the rest of the week and it works fine for me.
All you've done is had a flexi syns day x


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oh dear , dont worry ....If it's any consilation I have had way loads more syns than you today.-Had macdonalds and full fat coke, scotch egg salad, apple turnover and a strawberry trifle ....
I will just pull back those reins over the rest of my week LOL

whoahhhhhhhh !!!!


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Don't panic! Like Jes I will have a load of syns, usually on a friday night! I get weighed on a tuesday, then wed and thurs I will probably only have 3 syns a day for salad dressing, then I will juggle what I have left after the winefest! It's working for me. I'm on EE which I think makes life so much easier. I was always hungry on red days and all that weighing and planning did my head in to be honest. Now I know exactly what I'm doing and there's very little thinking involved! Perfect! :)
G: 10st10lb
Never mind, just try and recoupe some of the syns by cutting back for a few days and take it from there. Its not the end of the world and shouldn't make too much difference on the scales if any.


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I estimated that I had about 55 syns last night! I knew that I was going to have a lot so I only had 5 syns the two nights previous and now for the next 3 days I'll only have 5 syns a night and hopefully it will all balance out.

It's ok to have a blow out and it's great that you calculated your syns and faced the music. Now you just have to alter your syns the rest of the week so that you're in line with your usual 70-105 syns (or whatever you normally have in a week).


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Thats ok hun!! i had 27.5 syns on weds, and 19.5 today, but as long as your good for the rest of the week, and pull it all together, thats fine! :)

I have saved my syns to use them wisely....weds was a chinese, and today was a BBQ. Dont like wasting them on tiny bits throughout the week....not as interesting. hee hee.

I also worked out that eating what I would eat maybe 3-4 times a week at KFC or McDonalds before I started SW, I would regulary eat about 75-85 syns normally!! :eek: how vile is THAT?? sooo glad I have changed my eating habbits! lol.

Just be careful for the rest of the week until your weigh in! :)


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ooops as long as you enjoyed it

i had roasties on my carvery the other day not to bad as i was on ee but then had treacle sponge and custard it was so yum and felt so nice and comforting as its star week but then thought i shouldnt of done that so just used all that days syns for it and the majority of saturdays so hopefully ive worked it into plan

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