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OMG I am devastated - updated


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I live in a town called Cockermouth near the Lake District. It's flooded before but nothing like this...

...we got evacuated from work today because a lot of the roads to get the 5000 staff home were being shut because they are flooded. Lucky for us because we live 30 miles from work and the floods were worse in our town.

Gets back and find out that town is MASSIVELY flooded - worse ever. The whole of the main street is flooded (that's happened before) but the flood defences at the footbridge have gone and literally flooded a street in minutes. Our friends live at the top end so went to help them move stuff. The water isn't there yet but it's getting higher by the second. We built a sand bag dam so fingers crossed.

But it's nearing the bottom flat of the building we own the top floor of - and we are meant to exchange tomorrow to sell it. If it floods it won't happen - I bet he'll pull out. Another friend is flooded too - it's hitting areas where water never got to before.

The Fire Brigade and the Mountain Rescue were getting people out of homes on boats - it was heart breaking. Our beautiful town is half under water!

The farmers fields were flooded and lots of sheep are stranded on teeny islands - I hope they survive.

Our home is ok - but the bridge into village could be flooded - but our home will be ok.

I just hope our friend's house and our second property is ok. But it's not easing off and with the fells running into the rivers I am not holding breath that it'll be good news in the morning.

Sorry - just devastated. :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:
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Oh god sounds awful! I couldnt think of anything worse than water just washing through your roads and into your home. Lets hope the rain will stop soon before its to late. Will be thinking of you and your friends.

(((((((((((((hugs)))))))))) x


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Aw sticky thats awful news so sorry (((((hugs)))), keep safe and sending my thoughts to everyone effected :(
How dreadful for you. My sister lives in Evesham and they had this a couple of years ago - her house wasn't affected, luckily, but some properties were flooded up to the first floors. And she has friends in Tewkesbury, which was badly flooded too.

I hope that things are not too bad for you - nothing anyone can do except cross fingers and pray. Which of course we are all doing.


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I remember when Hull flooded a couple of years back - very scary time for many reasons x
We were lucky, the garden was flooded but it didn't come closer to the house and 4 feet - close enough to be scary though!


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How awful for you, no wonder you are devestated, sending you lots of hugs and best wishes, thinking of you. X


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Found this link to pictures somebody put onto Flikr (open site). I can see already the water has risen a lot in the last hour or so...and the wind and rain is getting heavier by sounds of it.

Cockermouth Floods 2009 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

The pic of the three archways...that's a pathway beside the river and they're much taller than me. That's the river that burst flood barriers earlier. A lot, as you can see, were earlier - sadly where one is taken is totally under water now (one of the latter pics where running water is going down a street with the van). Eugh...I hope it stops raining...
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OMG - so sorry to hear this :hug99::hug99:



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It's worse today!

I imagine you've all seen the news? Cockermouth is ruined - it's so much worse today than when I last saw it. I've been in tears today just realising how much damage is done - our beautiful town. It survives because of tourism...this is going to take a long time to get past.

No news if our building is flooded yet - fingers crossed. But all we lose is the buyer - people have lost everything.

Worried about collapse of buildings - the water was/is 25knots speed!

My sister is stranded without power and her septic tank backed up - they live out in the country and she's pregnant and meant to be at hospital today.

I'm at work - managed to get in. But people from towns not affecting are using this as excuse to stay home - WTF! I live IN COCKERMOUTH and I AM HERE! I'm going to see if can go home and try help at the sports centre for those without houses.

Thanks for the support xxx


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Apparently there is a Police Officer missing due to a bridge collapse too. Least it's stopped raining now.
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Just seen this on the news too :( I've family in Cumbria, and so far they are ok, really feel for you Sticky xxx


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Really feel for you, the people in your town and the town itself. I have been watching it on the news this morning and I cant even begin to imagine how you feel. To be able to pick yourself up to help others is amazing! Hopefully the rain holding off for a day or two will give a chance for people to get safe!


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Saw it in BBC news last night, so sorry. Hope it starts to get better today. Will keep my fingers crossed for you.

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