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OMG I could eat everything in site today!


Dont know whats wrong with me but I could eat loads!

I have had a banana,half of the SW quiche am thinking of having the other half as I type! :eek: and a skinny cow ice cream (lush)

I am hankering after another ice cream but would like one after dinner tonight!

Whats wrong with me today!! hehe ;)
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It's the cold weather, it gets to us all. Stick with filling up on free food (warm free food!) - maybe make a soup? I've just had home mdae chicken soup. I'll post it in the recipe sticky in a minute.
arrrghh! i hate days like that. i reckon its a cold weather & hormone combo!

good luck for the rest of the day and with saving the ice cream til later :)


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Ohhh, you know, I was exactly the same yesterday. I even wrote my blog about it LOL

I could have eaten anything! I wanted baaaaad stuff like treacle sponge and custard... the list goes on but I won't list them and tempt you into thinking about them! I wasn't even hungry! I just wanted everything and couldn't stop thinking about them, so I was eating legal foods to try and take the cravings away. It didn't work! I ended up psyching myself out and then going for a bath LOL

Thankfully, today the wants, needs and cravings have all gone. Good luck with the rest of your day.. don't succumb to the baddies!
Hi Annie

I have got through it, now cooking dinner so thats all good!!! Then once dinner is over am going to push my syns today and have another skinny cow ice cream so I think I will be fine!! Also got loads of strawberries sitting in the fridge - Mmmmmmmmmm

I have not had a day where I have craved stuff so today was the ultimate test I think to sticking to it, before now I would have just eathen them and said oh well try again 2moro!!! Not this time!


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Well done you for getting through it! I started on 1st October and yesterday was the first time I craved and would normally have said sod it, and eaten what I wanted. But I really couldn't bare the thought of getting to class on Tuesday and handing over my money to be told I hadn't lost or had gained. I think that's what really got me through yesterday.

yay for willpower!! you did well and beat the shoulder angels - the good angel won :D
I've struggled for the last couple of days and someone said if you get really hungry have some protein as that should help, not the same as having something bad but it may help :)

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