2y stuck in Plateau!! Sw, ww, juice +, diet pills?


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I am 30y old mum of two.
After my first child everything was fine.
I had been medium size my entire life.
With my second child I gone up from 56kg to 115kg.
So when my child was 1y old I started Slimming world... Everything felt normal... Some weeks I lost, some weeks I maintained. I gone down to 76kg from 115kg (35kg lost is almost 6stone)... The thing is that I haven't lost even one extra kg since October 2015..I been on Slimming world all this time.
Last year around this time I really wanted to lost 10kg for Christmas so with SW I also started doing portion controls and started doing cardio.
Around 3x/week I am doing light cardi/jogging.
I have stopped using my syns for crap but started using them for nuts... Today I have used my syns for avocado.
I have given up pasta.
Also I been researching different reasons about why i cant lose weight so given up dairy as Well and been trying to eat more whole foods...
I think maybe SW is not working for me anymore.... Should i check out any other diet?
I am open minded to anything except Keto.....
Does anyone tried juice plus? I heard it scum but maybe those vitamins could boost my metabolism?
Any pills has some great review to kick my metabolism in?
I am training for my first half marathon so I can't be on very low carbs. ...
What about liquid diet? Anyonw tried?
Thank you so much....
Is there any pro web to buy maybe low cal ready made meals?
I work full time so cant track calories, but I eat mostly whole foods....
Today for lunch I had salad bowl with peas (all syn free/speed) alpro go on yoghurt 1/5syn and banana....
What I am doing wrong?
I want to lose weight before Christmas....
Thank you so so much...
Also this affects my mental health and family removed all mirrors from home...
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S: 88.7kg C: 82.6kg G: 68kg BMI: 36.2 Loss: 6.1kg(6.9%)
Welcome and hello. Im no good good for asking about SW sorry. What does your consultant say, I can't imagine she I'd doing her job if she had taken your money for two years and not offered any suggestions. What about joining another group. I'm sure someone better than me will come along with some suggestions. Well done on your amazing weight loss. What is your BMI maybe you are just at your natural weight.


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Thank you for reply :)
Well I have stopped going to group in may...
Basically i hated not loosing anything...
But I still following plan..
Also started last week IF fasting... Not eating before 11am and not after 7pm....