OMG! Just realised I dont get hungry anymore!


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I,ve been on CD for 7 weeks now and I've just realised that I really dont get hungry anymore!! I was drinking my shake and my hubby said to me "Does that really fill you up?" and I said "Dont know because I dont get hungry anymore!!" In fact I can now see how easy it would be to forget one. I know that ketosis stops you being hungry but I have just realised that I've lost my food cravings too! Food just doesnt bother me now,in fcat I've just cooked the roast and in the beginning it used to kill me but now I'm fine doing it. Just thought I'd say how it does get easier the longer you do it, so anyone struggling keep at it, It's sooo worth it!!

Nikki x
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Hi Nikki
I fully agree today is the start of week 5 for me and i feel so confident about this diet, its the easiest die3t i have ever done i think.
Well done on your weightloss so far you are doing great.


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Yes ketosis is a wonderful thing and because you know you won't be actually physically hungry, so when you get a craving you know that's all it is and can deal with it. usually some emotional/ stress type of reaction for me. Nice not to abuse food anymore for the first time in my life !!!


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hi guys
im new to this site and wud jus like to know how i get one of those weight tickers on my profile. i wud really appreciate it!! i agree wit u guys, i dnt get hungry eitha. my family had a massive feast of takeaway the other day and i jus let them eat it infront of me!!



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It's lovely when that realisation sinks in. I remember reading a post when I started CD that someone had forgotten to have a shake, they just weren't hungry. I found it really difficult to believe and was positive it wouldn't happen to me - WRONG. I did the very same thing myself, was busy one day, looked at the clock and it was gone 4 and I then realised I hadn't had a pack at lunchtime, hadn't even given it a thought. I didn't think that could ever happen to me.

You're doing really well, keep up the good work :)


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Yep Ketosis is a truly wonderfull thing, i do all the cooking in my house, well most of it :rolleyes: and it dosn't bother me one iota infact i prefer to cook now that im not eating, strange i hated cooking with a vengence before CD.