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OMG please help

Day two. i have a headache, i cant concentrate and i have slept for over an hour today. i am trying to kick this stage but i am really suffering lol. my 3 year old son even thrust an apple in my face and told me to eat and if i didnt i would make him cry. i am doing this for him as much as me, but please help me ladies and gents...not sure i am on the brink, but need words of comfort and wisdom. thank you xxx
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i tried the coffee and it made me sick lol. i am not good with coffee lol. i am not on the ss with a meal, i'm on the other one. took some painkillers and feel a little better. thank you for the advise x
In the first 3 days (as advised by my cdc) I either had an extra shake or some eggs it really does help and it shouldn't have an impact on your weightloss!
if you want to stick to SS it can be hard to face food, so an extra pack is a really good idea. Other than that, take a painkiller, keep up the water, and do as little as you can til it passes. And it really will.

Also remember how this feels so you don't cheat later on - the fear of going into ketosis again keeps me on the straight and narrow.


I lurve lurve lurve bars
aww poor you,i drank loads of water and didnt get a headache,just lucky i spose,i think by tomorrow you will be feeling much better cant you get an early night? also like some of the others have said it might be an idea to have another pack or ss+ meal if you are feeling that bad,good luck hope you feel better soon xx


this time - the last time
RoisinUK said:
thank you all so much, i feel a load better thanks to you all. is it wrong to have weighed myself on the 2nd day? did anyone struggle to stay off the scales? x
Not advised if you think a gain or sts will demotivated you.
However, I weigh everyday - and log it over on the weekly WI subsection. I like seeing it drop off!


I lurve lurve lurve bars
thank you all so much, i feel a load better thanks to you all. is it wrong to have weighed myself on the 2nd day? did anyone struggle to stay off the scales? x
lol Im always weighing myself:8855:i cant stay away from the scales,if you can then dont weigh yourself as you can retain water sometimes and your weight goes up or doesnt shift for a couple of days it comes down again but it can bring you down and throw you right off plan. xx
i might get the htb to hide them from me. i have been on them about 3 times today, although the results have been nice...really liked those numbers flashing at me!! glad i am not the only one though, they just keep calling to me lol x x


I lurve lurve lurve bars
yep ive done the husband hiding them thing but i always find them lol i even looked for inflatable scales to take on holiday with me....................but i cant find any!!!!sad or what!! xx


I lurve lurve lurve bars
lol.............perhaps we could invent them! and we could take them to the beach......the bar............the aqua park.........donkey trail.....on the coach..............we could weigh ourselves everywhere!!! x


I lurve lurve lurve bars
They would get a pin and pop it because they would think we were completely crazy!!! also i think it would be hard to stand on them as i always put one foot on first and they would flip up or I would end up with a rubber burn or twist my ankle and make some sort of windy noise like you do on inflatable things!!maybe not such a good idea.............a better idea is ...........dont go on holiday then we can just weigh ourselves 50 times a day on our scales at home,which have been hidden100s of times and had the batteries removed and replaced!! xx

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