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OMG .. those Lemon Biscuits are delicious

I was hit by the shortage of the new bars and took it has a sign to try some recipes with the old bars.. I did the biscuits today and they are FAB!!!
How do you stop at one!!


So tomorrow I am going to try nuking the Nut Crunch bar and adding tobasco to it.. Any suggestions or other ideas on how to "cook"/ prepare the Nut Crunch bar.
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I love the lemon biscuits too - haven't had them in a while though so may pick up some lemon bars at my weigh in on friday.

Can't say I ever got on with the old nut bar - too much like an old carpet tile for my tastes!




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lemon bar biscuits the best in my opinion, tried others not good!

my favourite is choch muffin with choc sauce. YUM YUM

Hi Reshmus

My favourite recipe for the old nutcrunch bar was to make a cheesecake with it. (This does involve saving 2 foodpacks to have at once though! only downside...)

Crumble 3/4's to a full nutcrunch into a bowl that can cope with being frozen (I have a plastic cereal bowl) add a little bit of water and tamp it down as best you can into a base. Freeze the base for 15 mins to 30 mins. Meanwhile make up a vanilla pack into a thick custard like consistancy (optional: I used to add a small amount of St Clements to the vanilla to make the cheesecake taste more authentic). Smooth the custard on top of the frozen nutcrunch base and put back in the freezer for approx 45 mins or until the custard is just firmish. Scoff the lot pronto.

I have to say this is my very favourite recipe for all the foodpacks and always felt like such a treat. I would only make one when I had gotten to teatime on 2 foodpacks and had two left!!

Let me know if you have a go how you like it

Love Laura
Hi Reshmus - I love the nut crunch bars, I toast them until they go slightly dark and then give it one sprinkle of salt ---- absolutely gorgeous.


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Funny isn't it? I expected them to be sweet and thought they weren't sweet enough for me, but there was something about them, I think it was the oatyness that I liked, never thought of adding salt, like you would peanuts. So do you like crumble it, toast it and shake with a bit of salt?
If I look at them that way, I actually might like them.
Hmm, might get one tonight, off to meeting in a mo.
No I don't crumble it, I leave it whole and pop it in the toaster for a couple of minutes, then just give it a sprinkle of salt and eat it as a bar ....... LOL I want one now but won't be in ketosis yet so can't :)
Hi Reshmus - I love the nut crunch bars, I toast them until they go slightly dark and then give it one sprinkle of salt ---- absolutely gorgeous.
mmmm...sounds good!! I love seeing how creative everyone is with the packets! I want to try your idea for Thai crips, they sound good!

You have no idea how pleased I was to hear we could use Tabasco!!! I have Tabasco running in my blood so what a nice surprise!! :D
Yep I'm a tabasco lover too - funnily enough I never use salt when I'm not on this diet, don't put it on my food (even if I have fish and chips) and don't cook with it --- the only thing I ever use it for is the peanut bar.
Are muffins hard to make?? I fancy a chocolate one tonight but am worried I will waste a pack if it goes belly up.

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