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omg weve got mice



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Have you got a cat, I could lend you my "cleo" she is a siamese and goes for anything scurrying along the floor. She even killed one of my sons hamsters that got out the cage.
have looked on line and they reccomend what weve got
no dont have a cat as bf not keen on them think there coming from next door as i live in a terrace house but hes never there to approach him
With a name like kittykat how can you have mice:rotflmao:

Seriously though you can buy the humane traps then you take the little dears off somewhere away from your property and let them go.

One of the best things to put in a trap is cucumber they love it as its full of water.

Try and find out where they are getting in.

Hope it sorts itself out soon.


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HMMMM apart from investing in a moggy im not sure if I think of anything I will let you know.
Neighbours ...eh !
Though Im lucky I get on great with mine thankfully.
just checked under one of cuboards and at the back there is one not sure if its dead though as cant reach and dont really want to so poked one of the traps by it will check tomorrow if still there its dead and will get hoovered up !!! btw found i think where coming in as plaster on the floor have put a trap by it will get some wire wool on tues when oh been paid and stuff it down as apparently they dont like that !!
When you dispose of the deceased mouse, if he is, try and wrap him up a bit. Drop into a carrier with a little jeyes or something smelly to deter cats foxes trying to eat him.

If they do they might also get a dose of the poison.

Trouble with mice is they are so fast and can get under a door with a tophat on. They can virtually flatten their bodies.

thanx for that cdc didnt think of them harming other animals


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a mouse can pass through any hole that is the same width as their whiskers.:)

Where there is one mouse there is likely to be more. According to the website article "Controlling House Mice", published by the University of Missouri, a female mouse has between five and ten litters per year with about five or six babies in each litter. The young are capable of reproducing at the age of six weeks. A mouse infestation can easily get out of control if not dealt with as soon as it is recognized.
How to get rid of mice
OMG I'm sitting here almost shaking and my heart is pounding like a drum:eek: .....yeah you guessed it my phobia is mice:mad:

I lived with my psychotic ex 2 yrs ago and he knew about my phobia.....I live backing onto a hill and although had my own houses since I was 18 I had never had a mouse(I would have have moved out as soon as I saw one ha ha) anyway when things started going wrong with the psycho controlling ex he used tro leave my kitchen door open which lead to a porch way and bingo in came the mice.....I was terrified but soon I was so sick of him I would live with a thousand mice rather than him......so out he went, then my fear really set in I saw a mouse n ended up sleeping at my mums for a few days.

Now I'm a dog lover if anything so the thought of a cat was urghhhh:eek: but my fear of mice overtook the urgh and I got tabby from a rescue centre.....she killed 2(which I had to pay my son a fiver a time to move :eek: ) low n behold and touch wood of course I've not seen or heard any since....the cat is really quite good although I'm just teaching her to go out more but she's loveable really and a small price to pay for getting shut of them horrible lil rodents.

Ooops I went off on a tangent what I was going to suggest is(and I have done my research lol) there are humane ways of getting rid of them.....you can buy a plug that sends vibrations through the walls it scares the mice away....even loan of a cat for a few days...that way their odour lingers n frightens mice off...oh n wire wool all ur holes they can't gnaw through it.
oh mice, i hate them unless they are in a cage. in the winter we had rats burrowing under our shed, little baby ones would come out and look for food or we would get the big ones running here their and everywhere. it was horrible in refused to go out into the garden. we put poison down and then got traps or we had our neighbour who saw one and hit it over the head with a training weinght ha ha, sorry i know that was mean and i love animals but i hate vermin espessially when it could come into my house and hurt my baby (anyone seen lady and the tramp?) so sad i know but it really could happen. hope it all goes well with getting rid let us know how you get on!
I found droppings in the cupboard under my sink a few months ago, don't know whether they were rats or mice but didn't care! As far as I was concerned it was vermin and shouldn't be in my house. So I got a trap and left chocolate on it (the man in the shop said they love it) but the bugger was too crafty and didn't eat it.:mad:

After a couple of days I bought one of those sonic thingies from B&Q and I've not seen sight of it since!

P.S. I've got a cat but he just spent his time staring at the cupboard!:confused: :rolleyes:

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