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omg what have i just done

:hide: i m so ashamed of myself again just went to the fridge and ate a slice of ham and slice of corned beef , i felt awful so went to the toilet and stuck my fingers down my throat never done anything like this before i just felt so guilty for eating it, i wasn t even hungrey what the hell was i thinking,just want to sit and cry now i was doing so well too :cry:
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this is a journey and a bloody hard one. u r gonna learn stuff about urself, about ur determination and ur coping abilities with many things, not just food. this huge learning curve is important and u shouldnt beat urself up over this. u just learned something about urself and the fact that u know it was a stupid thing to do means u are in control. i had the same thought the other night after i had added a slice of ham to my cottage cheese (on 790). it occurs to loads of people who blip on a vlcd but this isnt going to be ur way of coping, u r stronger than that, arent you? carry on and put it behind u. xxxx


Serial Foodie!
S: 19st7lb C: 18st2lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 49.6 Loss: 1st5lb(6.96%)
besides...theres no reason to feel u arent doing well! u are almost half way to goal. u have done fantastic. no need to punish urself xxxx
Hey itsnowornever .... big hug! :hug99:

Karen is right - this diet is soooo hard but you are still in control.

We're all so pre-programmed to nibble and pick (that's probably what got us all here in the first place) it's hard to stop and think first. All you can do now is draw a line under it and don't do it again. Easier said than done I know, but that you now feel awful about eating & purging is a good thing and will hopefully stop it from happening again.

Remember to be kind to yourself and stay positive. We are all only human afterall and you are doing so well. Chin up hun, it's not the end of the world and I'm sure there's no damage done.


I can do this.
The others are right, don't dwell on what u've done, it won't change things. You have to move on and think of ur future... and believe me... there is no future in the past, u are doing so well but we are not saint's and mistakes will happen. In a couple of month's or so... u could be at goal, good luck.
The things you ate will not have done you too much harm becuase they were proteins not carbs. Please be careful with the throwing up, that is a much worse thing to get into than occaisionally having cheated on the diet. You are doing really well and this is not the end, just a temporary blip. You can do this and you will.
take care of yourself and try not to dwell on it
sil x
jo, listen darlin, forget about it.... you have to. Just forget it, go and get yourself some water and if you can watch a fave film or do something that you really enjoy that usually brings a smile to your face,....it's important to forget it and just 'CARRY ON'.... don't ya just love the CARRY ON films eh??? LOL

c'mon Jo, it's gone, over and done with, Linda is so right, the past is the past......look to the future...you'll be at goal sooner than you think hun

so....what ya gonna do to cheer yourself up darlin???....I'm waiting :D


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I have just sat here and gobbled a salad, I had to eat as you all know i did not sleep last night and was getting snappy. I dont feel bad about it, what's the point? Don't feel bad, like everyone had said don't dwell on it and dont do it again!


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Oh Jo. Eating the ham was one thing, but putting your fingers down your throat is something else entirely. Please dont punish yourself in this way.

You are doing so well as the others have said. Just put it behind you. Stay strong. You can do this.
You need to make this diet fit in with your lifestyle. Don't over obsess about it. Remember there are different steps which you can follow apart from ssing to help you achieve your goals.
The beauty of cambridge is that you do have a choice and can adapt the diet to suit. Even though ssing is the quickest way to get the results, it is not for everyone. Just take it a day at a time and you will get there. - well thats what everyone keeps telling me
good luck - just forget about what you have done and stop beating yourself up about it
love peachy
thanks guy s i m not proud of myself for sticking my fingers down my throat just wanted to get rid of the food, im gonna stick the film hairspray on and watch it with my dd wev e got a copy of the new one already seen it but one more time won t hurt
Aww hunny don't feel bad its a teensy weensy mistake, draw a line under it and move on plus as far as snacking goes at least it wasnt a load of bars of chocolate and crisps and it was protein!!!! As said before it's got to fit into your lifestyle and there are going to be days when we all go off track but it's important that you jump right back on it and don't give yourself a guilt trip. You've done remarkable with your weight loss so far :)

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