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on cambridge...why i m not loosing weight?

hi all, second round I am on cd...

I restarted it on the 2nd of sept and within 3 weeks i have lost 1 stone...starting weight was 15.13. for a week now, i dont know why, but i havent even lost 1 pound...:cry: i m so stressed cos of this and thinking to have a day off or stop it...any idea what i should do that i can loose again? I have asked my CDC but she said she doesnt know to I should do....
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Are you honestly sticking to plan 100%?? I haven't lost for several weeks but i also have been bad at sticking to the plan AND i haven't been drinking enough water.

This diet 100% works but only if you stick to it 100%! Some people get away with the odd 'cheat' or 'blip' but generally it seems if you put 100% in you will get good losses. Anything else and the losses reduce.

No idea if you have been sticking to it... totm?

Great loss so far by the way!
I was in a similar position as you. Third time round and after a good loss for first couple of weeks I only lost 1 lb a week for the next 2 weeks. I think my body knew what I was doing. A collegue told me what she was doing - she did not need to loose weight but had lost 1/2 stone (origionally size10) in 4 weeks and felt amazing. It is called the Harcombe Diet. It is more amount changing the way you eat for life than a diet. I changed on Saturday from SS+ and lost 2.5 lb in 5 days and am now eating really nice meals continuing to loose weight. The basic principle is not to eat fats with carbs in the same meal. Your body gets used to eating less calories which is why your losses slow down. I am now not hungry, not having mood swings and cravings for food (like cakes and sweets) like I used to and feel great. Maybe it could be worth a look??


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Ahh, do not fear mamateddy. All will be well if you hang in there. You've already had an excellent loss, and sometimes when the fat leaves the fat cells, they fill with water. Before long, the water releases and you get a whoosh :clap:

It's impossible not to lose fat on this diet. Of course, the scales will give you total weight, including the weight of the water.

Hang in there. Bet next week will be fab :)


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Hi mamateddy
I had similar experience at wk5 - nothing lost for first 5 days, gave up getting on scales at home as I was getting depressed, even thought of not getting on at WI, did and showed 4lb loss. As KD said, I think the body regulates as we lose fat by storing water, which dissappears fairly quickly. Keep with it, you will show a loss. Tx

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