Second week on Lipotrim and I have not lost weight


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Hi all
I have recently started Lipotrim , this is my second attempt . I previously lost seven stone in 2013 and kept the weight of for over five years. As I hit my 40s ( female) I pilled on the pounds . I went in for my first weight in and lost 5 pounds. Since then I have been unable to lose any weight .
I am sticking to the program .
has anyone else experienced this . I don’t want to give up . I’m just a little disheartened .
many feedback would be appreciated
That's tough, FP. I've only just seen your post - the Lipotrimmers may have more insight if you post on the LT subforum here.

Is "since then" a week? Any thoughts on what's going on? Hormones, water retention, stress? Maybe week 3 will deliver. I hope so.
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