On My Way - Appointment with CDC tormorrow

Discussion in 'Cambridge Diet 100% Posts!' started by Bev1963, 13 August 2008 Social URL.

  1. Bev1963

    Bev1963 Likes to Post


    I've got an appointment with my CDC tomorrow so all being well I should be on my CD way by Sunday. :talk017:
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  3. MsJMC

    MsJMC Strong women stay slim

    so you are going to miss your sunday dinner , think about it , think lol , good luck and let the pounds rip away
  4. SCrittenden

    SCrittenden Full Member

    I have my first appointment with my cdc tomorrow aswell!... is it normal to be this excited about not eating food?
  5. hanloje

    hanloje Silver Member

    Good luck both for your appts, mine's on the 27th so would be good to hear how they go. x
  6. misscheeky

    misscheeky Gold Member

    its def exciting girls get on the wagon and stay on :) :) xx
  7. Bev1963

    Bev1963 Likes to Post

    to be honest i've just had lunch and am sat wondering if i'll be able to manage without food but i'm looking forward to the challenge.
  8. SCrittenden

    SCrittenden Full Member

    I've always found when dieting by myself in the past, that i always think if i could just not eat food at all, so taking away any choice of bad food, it would be easier.. so im hoping this diet will really work for me.
  9. Bev1963

    Bev1963 Likes to Post

    Are you planning on starting tomorrow? I've got a couple of social events planned that I can't get out of so I'll not be starting till Sunday
  10. SCrittenden

    SCrittenden Full Member

    I'm not sure.. part of me thinks i should just start tomorrow, but i think my partner may be planning a good luck dinner for me on friday.. i shall have to find out, don't really want to ruiner their plans!
  11. Bev1963

    Bev1963 Likes to Post

    well let's keep in touch seeing as we're both starting around the same time because i'm sure there will be lots more questions to ask in the days to come.
  12. Bev1963

    Bev1963 Likes to Post

    i'm increasing my water intake now. up to now i've had 2 litres don't know if i can take anymore. will have to keep practicing.
  13. Maka

    Maka A New Woman

    Hello ladies. I was on Lipotrim April-June and lost over 3 stone but got bored with the lack of choices. I also took a break and am raring to start again and get down to my target of 11 stone. I've been back on Lipotrim(to finish off the remaining satchets) since Monday and have an appointment with a CDC tomorrow evening.
    I guess I have already started on total food replacement because this morning when I pee'd on the stick, I was in ketosis, but it's been a rough 3 days - carb withdrawal, shivering, dizziness, lack of energy, feeling faint. Hope tomorrow's better and looking forward to seeing how you also get on with your CDCs: Bev and SCrittenden
  14. Gemma1986

    Gemma1986 Im just me!

    good luck hun x
  15. SCrittenden

    SCrittenden Full Member

    I'm all set, been drinking water this morning, just getting ready to leave for my appointment. I will let everyone know how it goes. Wish me luck!.
  16. Loz1984

    Loz1984 Flab 2 Fab!

    Good luck!!!
  17. Bev1963

    Bev1963 Likes to Post

    Can't wait to hear from you how it went. I'm off at lunchtime.
  18. perseph0ne

    perseph0ne Full Member

    I couldn't get an appointment until next week, so I'm going to lo carb until then so that I can jump straight in on Thursday next. I'm 5'4", and nearly 14 stone - and desperate. Good luck everyone.

    At what stage can you introduce exercise? I just do a bit of gentle yoga once a week at the moment but I'd like to start running.

    Does anyone have any ideas about how they're going going to keep the weight off? Has anyone tried counselling/hypnotherapy/EFT?
  19. SCrittenden

    SCrittenden Full Member

    Hiya, just got back from meeting.. had my first pack of the day, and the taste really isn't that bad!. Also i don't feel hungry at the moment, think its more mind over matter though. My cdc is lovely, very supportive.
  20. susan70

    susan70 Gold Member

    Well done and good luck hunni.xx
  21. Bev1963

    Bev1963 Likes to Post


    I'm back from my first meeting with my CDC too. I was there 90 minutes!! She seems really nice and very supportive and told me that she will be in contact with me during the week. I've been preparing by cutting carb and drinking more water for the past few days so should be ready to go soon. Hope I can get throught the first few days.

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