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ON NO!!!!!!

Ive gone and done it, my first binge since November! Now what? :cry:Had a really hard weekend with the kids and just went on auto to the food cupboard. Felt so guilty tried to make myself sick it all back up.:break_diet:
Im never going to control this. I am disgusted with myself. All my hard work. Nothing has changed this is a nother thing that work.
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Oh hon, don't worry. Its not as bad as you think, you are just feeling bad about your choices. Which is a good thing.

Things happen. You have two choices now. Put the binge behind you and keep rockin it to goal. Or throw in the towel, and put it all back on. I know which I would choose, and I bet you do too.

Things happen, and sometimes we loose control. But you recognise it, so learn from it. Its not the end, and in no way means you cannot do this, or that nothing will work.

BLess ya. Sending you hugs and lots of positive vibes.

CHalk it up to experience, maybe do a thought record and imagine how you might cope differently next time.

Its all down to our choices. Next time, if there is on, make a different choice. But don't beat yourself up for this one. You are human, and you are learning.

Hang tough. YOU CAN DO THIS. And you deserve to be how you dream of being. Keep working for that goal!!! You can do it!!

This isn't the end of the world! It doesn't mean you'll pile on all the weight you've gained. Just put it behind you and forget about it otherwise the guilt will make you want to binge again.

PLEASE don't try to make yourself sick. When I lost weight when I was 18 I started making myself sick every time I thought I'd eaten to much..and was still doing it 10 years later. It can very easily become a habit but brings along all kinds of other problems including depression, tooth decay and intestinal problems, all of which I now suffer from as a result of my self abuse. So I can't emphasise enough that it's not a good idea. Plus, it doesn't work as a way of losing weight! When I was being sick the most I also piled on the most weight.

You've had one lapse and it's really not the end of the world. Just don't beat youeself up about it. It's not worth it and there are far more important things in life to worry about xx
You know what I think hun but I just wanted to send more huge hugs and say get your bum back on facebook!

Emma xXx
Keep at it! BL is right - put it behind you and get on with it! You are doing it, and this was just one lapse. And we all have bad days!

How much have you lost altogether? You dont have a ticker thingy.
And you know, I think if you were really thinking of giving up you wouldnt have come on here and told us all. You just maybe need a little bit of extra support to get over your lousy weekend - and thats what we're all here for, to give and recieve support.
She has lost an amazing amount and has been slip free for 16 weeks. She is a star and CAN do this!

Thanks for the messages. As some of you now my daughter is disabled. Today she has been in a lot of leg and back pain and has talked about going into her wheelchair for good.
Also 2 weeks ago my son was dx with autism. Ive coupled well up to, today. What with his melt downs and Sophie's emotional pain my body just went straight for food. Something it has always done I guess.
Then you are doing it! Well done! I'm not surprised you had a bad weekend. Not sure what I can say to help - but hang on in there.
Sending hugs and repping you for all you have achieved so far.
So sorry to hear how you are feeling. I know it's already been said but try to forget about it and just remind yourself how fantastic you have been to do 16 weeks without any slips, I think thats phenomenal! Sorry to hear that your daughter is in pain too, and try not to worry about your son too much, I teach in a school for autistic children and each one of them is fantastic, they are so happy and bright (and to tell you the truth, they keep me on track. Otherwise I'd forget my head if it wasn't screwed on!). Keep your chin up and try not to beat yourself up, I tried the sick thing myself last year after a big binge, i just ended up with a sore throat and a feeling of even more failure becuase I couldn't make myself sick properly! Lots of hugs to you x
stick at it - forget about the lapse - its only one day
daisy x

All my hard work.
One lapse does not undo the 16 weeks of fantastic work you have done so far hun, unless you let it happen tomorrow and the day after as well. Get back on it, and just learn a little lesson from this mistake.

Nothing has changed
this is a nother thing that work.
I disagree.
Something has changed; you have come away from the 'binge' feeling the way you do, which I bet is a far cry from what you would have thought/felt about it before (if you even did think about it before, I know I never did!) - that shows that your mentality HAS to have changed.

Think of it as practice for when you are back to the 'real world' of eating. Not every week is going to be a 'perfect' week, even the healthiest people on the planet overdo it now and again - the difference is, that we are now aware of what overdoing it really is and means, and can compensate for it the following day/week, which you can absolutely do now by going back to the LL 100%.

Stuff happens in life that we can't control, and the past can't be changed; all that we can do is control what it is that happens next.

So, take back the control.
I know you can :)
Saz, no wonder you feel emotional

Hello Saz.
Often our old relationship with food is one where we at least felt we had a modicum of control over 1 aspect of our lives. Turns out we were actually out of control really doesn't it?
What you've said about your circumstances with your children will surely make you feel emotional, butnow more than ever you need to be as fit and healthy as you can to support them and yourself.
Sabotaging your weight loss won't change the situation. Making yourself sick won't make you feel better either. Listen to what Rachel says.
Try and get back on it for yourself and your children.
Can you discuss how you feel with your LLC? That's what she's there for.
Hugs to you and your family. xxx

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