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only lost 2 pounds!!

I have been on CD for 12 days now drinking lots of water, and haven't cheated once.
I've only lost 2 pounds though!:cry:
I know it's still weight loss, but it doesn't seem right compared to the miracle weight loss of everyone else.
Does anyone know why this is???
I have 5 stone to lose, and at this rate it's not looking like its going to happen!!

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Wow I can understand the frustration of that...especially if you had the headaches etc that I had.

Have you asked your CDC on their opinion as to what the issue may be?
U may be retaining fluid....keep at it..... it will speed up if ur doing it propely.

mrs c

Cambridge Consultant
It must be frustrating, have you spoken to your cdc, what did they say? It could be that you are retaining water, totm, these could affect your weight lost, don't give up.
S: 25st5lb C: 22st5lb Loss: 3st0lb(11.83%)
are you having any bars? HOw much water are you drinking? What plan are you on? Have you measured yourself (if not please do so...)
I suppose it could be water - at least i hope so! i spoke to my counsellor and she said that it can vary in how quickly people lose weight.
I'm doing the sole source plan and only using the powder sachets.
still getting headaches - do they really get better??
I'm going to keep with it for a couple of weeks and see what happens...
Hi Stacey, about the headaches....

I was waiting for the FEELING OF WELL BEING to hit for about 10 - 14 days. My cdc assured me that I should feel well by day 14.
It was horrible for me getting into ketosis, and really thought I'd feel like cr£p throughout my cd journey, I did'nt think I'd be able to carry on. I didnt wake up one day and feel on top of the world the way it had been described to me, I just gradually felt better til I no longer thought about feeling ill.

About the weight loss :hug99: Although it's going in the right direction I understand you being upset by this. I can only suggest that you stick at it hun, it is hard, it sure isn't easy, but you can do it, you have come this far, and you will see tremendous results. Who knows why the weight comes off as it does?? No one really, we are all different, and you may have a WHOPPING weight loss next weigh in. Just keep glugging 4 lts of water a day, and stick to your 3 packs and just look after yourself. Remember, most diet drinks are not allowed, you are allowed (unofficially I think) a small amount of ZERO as a treat every now and then. (dr. pepper zero, coke zero etc... but not diet).

I hope you feel better soon hun

xx sj xx

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