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Ooh dear, 1 1/2 lb gained, and not a happy bunny!!


Never gets tired of SW!
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Hi all,
I'll hold my hands up and announce that I put on 1 1/2 lb this week and am absolutely devastated!! I know I've been sticking to plan 100%, it was my Birthday this week and I said no to sooo many goodies as I was determined to lose 2lb this week and get my 2 1/2 stone award!! Infact I only had 7 syns on my bday! It's just so annoying that I have said no to all those things and haven't been rewarded! It could well be fluid because it is *week next week, but it's disheartening all the same!! I know the advice I'd give to someone else would be to look at the progress already made and to see it as 1 tiny week in the grand scheme of things, but it doesn't make me feel any less upset about it!! Big hugs and reassuring words please Miniminners!!XXXXX
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Big hugs *hug*!! Please don't feel too down :/ you're bound to be rewarded for this soon so don't let it hurt your hard earned efforts.
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Aww what a b....r after being so good, especially on your birthday. Next week will show a loss for sure!!
big hugs and sending some sunshinexx


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Ah, bum! What a shame, but I bet it is because of * week being due. :mad: Bet you lose 4lbs next week to make up for it!!:D


Fighting the bulge
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Oh hunny!!! Sending BIG HUGS your way!!

Dont be disheartened!! It is frustrating i know but have a big old rant kick and scream at the top of your lungs and then after a deep breath go in to the next sw week full of determination to make the Bu**ers come off!! Any effort this week will add for extra next week with all your good work so far!



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It's really disappointing after you being so good, big hugs to you (((HUGS)))


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This happened to my sister a few weeks ago and she lost a huge 5lbs the following week, I'm sure you will be rewarded next week x
right missy!!!

You will definately lose next week as you are a perfect 100% SWer....it could also be something to do with weighing on a different day - our weights fluctuate over the week, so maybe you would have had a loss on Monday, and next weigh in this will show!

Other things that can change our water retention are as you have said, your * week - but other things like salt intake can adjust our water balance!!!

I really hope you smash the pounds off next week - and i dont need to tell you to keep at it, cos im sure you have got back on the wagon already!

Lots of love xxx


Never gets tired of SW!
G: 10st10lb
Thank you all my little Easter bunnies!!! I know I'm being a bit of a silly billy!! I was really hoping for that 2 1/2 stone this week, but going back to Jaylou's thread earlier today, I need to take a step back and see it as a part of my journey, for which there's really no rush to complete!! The destination is on the map and this week I'm taking a scenic route!!! Your support means a lot- it's amazing how other peoples' comments can be so helpful, reassuring and uplifting!!XXX


Still rockin' it
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Mate- it has all been said above, so just to add that I think all of us who have been doing this for a while know EXACTLY how this feels, and it is horrible!
2 weeks ago me, my sister and my Mum saw each other quite a bit and each time I was the one saying 'no' to dessert, or going for walks while they had a sit down, and sticking to it 100% while neither of them tracked or planned. I lost 1lb and they lost 4lb each! Although I am happy at them losing there was such a sense of INJUSTICE about it. I will always advocate slow and steady but at times, when you have been a saint you just need that reward of seeing instant results- unfortunately, sometimes our body is a b1tch! It plays with our mind, I swear it! BUT it cannot fight logical choices for long and your hard work WILL catch up (this week I lost 3lb and my sister and Mum both gained)

I know you know all this, but just to reiterate it again. Massive well done for being a saint on your Birthday and huge, huge hugs from me you gorgeous, lovely lady

(((huge hugs)))

Devon Dolce

1lb at a time!
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It's all been said hun but just wanted to send a Dumpling hug your way xxxx


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So sorry for you and big hugs to you. I know how it feels. I am certain you will have a great loss next week.
Sometimes the body needs a bit of a blowout to shift the weight, so maybe being a little naughty will shift it.
In our group some people have been really surprised because they were slowish losers and the weeks they thought they would gain due to meals out etc they lost. Our C said that they probably were not eating enough and the bodies enjoyed the boost.
Anyway, good luck. It will all be off next week.

Mrs V

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Hun, everyone has said it all perfectly. The same has happened to me this week and its upsetting when you know that you have been so good and have a gain to show for it.
Stick to plan 100% again and you will see the loss as its your * week, you will be holding the fluid.

Big hugs to you though.


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