ooh my birthday is in 1 month tomorrow


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and I have just booked up my present from my husband and it is a pampering session at my local salon i get

A Manicure
A Pedicure
A mini facial
A back neck and shoulder massage
An eyebrow shape

I am then gonna spend the afternoon shopping with my mum and avoiding food court and then I am going to go either cinema or bowling with my hubby.
I plan to avoid food if I possibly can which will be hard as all other birthdays revolve around it.
If i find it impossible to resist I plan to have a plain chicken salad
Look like you've got a fun filled day planned. Its god that you've planned ahead, that way you won't fall into any traps.. if you get my drift :)
I made up a LL chocolate muffin for my birthday which was only 10 days after starting LL. I have never regreted the decision to completely abstain from conventional food for the 90 days I have managed so far.

80 days on would I have remembered a slice of bithday cake or a meal with the same fondness that I am looking at my 4st 2lbs loss? I think not!

I know that members of my group have planned to eat for unique occasions and have regreted it ever since as their resolve has weakend. I know that would be me too so I will be waiting for management before I eat anything.
Lisa as always I'm right here with you to share your journey.

I know that what was right for me may not beright for you and I hope that you have the strength to find out which way 'your' way is without being pushed into anything that isn't right for you :)