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Ooops.....bad day yesterday........

Hi Guys, needing some support today as I went to a BBQ party:party0036: yesterday and lost the plot a bit......was alright where food was concerned but hammered the vodka and tonics.:break_diet: Feel really low today...... hungover and because I have drunk so much water today (dehyrated) bloated. Needing a big :grouphugg: . Weigh day tomorrow so all my old thinking habits are coming back with a vengence ....... how can I cheat to make sure I have lost 2morrow? Not eat today? Miss class 2morrow and just have foodpacks until drop-in on Thursday.... beginning to repeat the binge eat cycle that has haunted me for years..... thinking about how I can twist the programme, yet I know it works as I have lost 2st 2lbs in 10 weeks now. Someone please help me find the positivy that has kept me going all these weeks. HHHHHHHHEEEEEEELLLLLLLLPPPPPPP!!!!
Needing a good talking to :psiholog:
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...we're sinking deeper.
At the end of the day; it's not helpful to you at this moment in time to be thinking like this. And again: this is only a small moment in the grand scheme of things. Look at what you've achieved: and it's amazing. Look at the BIG picture! Not the tiny little blip the other day: which is only natural. You really think no one else has had little lapses every once in a while? ;) What we do, is forgive ourselves for that moment, and move on. Start each day fresh and new. Start each day as you mean to go on.
It doesn't sound like your little mishap was anything emotional (which would indeed require you to do some soul searching), but it was more of going with the mood and swing of things at the BBQ! It's only natural for it to happen, I definitely know that sometimes allowing yourself to have a good time is better than being absolutely miserable and hence bringing everyone else down too.
So WELL DONE! On enjoying yourself. WELL DONE on pushing forward and acknowledging how it may affect you and realising that there are negative thought patterns coming through. You are doing very well; but never get into the habit of 'cheating' or 'compensating'. Just move on, it doesn't matter what the scales say: NO ONE IS JUDGING YOU.

You had some fun: We're all entitled to some fun every once in a while aren't we?!?

So honestly. Calm down. We've all been there, this is exactly the sort of sitation when we enable what LL teaches us: and that is: to have a healthy relationship with food and our emotions towards it. Don't be scared of it. Don't always rely on 'weight numbers'. Learn to trust yourself.


And realistically. To put your mind at ease. It takes 3'500 EXCESS calories (on TOP of your maximum intake (around 2000)) to gain 1lbs. And that's a lot of calories. On Lite you're consuming around 800 per day. ... So unless you've consumed 4'700 the other day (on TOP of your 800!): you won't have gained any fat. Only glycgen back in the muscles. So if you do stay the same: one word of positivity: you will have lost some fat, but it may not be showing due to water stores being filled back up and water retention.

....ok I should shut up now... I'm rambling like crazy.

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
well think min said it all ,you have done incredible up to this point ! its one blip , and you really have just allowed yourself to relax and enjoy yourself so just chill with it , dont regret it and definately dont mis wi , just go accept whatever the scales say , its one week , allowing yourself to miss or cheat is only reinforcing your old behviour, part of managing our weight long term is balancing out every day lives and these occasions , so acknowlege it happened , try not to make it a habit and get on with feeling super proud and enjoying your new skinny self :0) .... bet you looked and felt fab at the bbq !!!!so finally on that note:copon:that is for thinking of cheating yourself :Dxxxx and:happy096: this is for youre amazing triumph so far , and :hug99:this is just for you ,because we care and you need it xxxxx
Wow thanks guys. Really needed that. Minerva what a fantastic 'talking to' you gave me...... it's just the kind of thing I would say so really appreciated.....feeling much better now. I didn't binge or cut out anything to compensate, just stayed with the programme yesterday and fel back on track today. Sweet.

Suki Sue many thanks for your support over the last 10 weeks and for your support now. You're right I did feel slim and fabulous at the BBQ, everyone was saying how great I looked and I lapped it up along with the V&T's. Buy hey ho as both you and Min said we all have a right to let our hair down and boy did I dance.... right up until 2am....... and I wore white trousers for the first time in years, whay hay......(and they were too big).... see just needed the jolt to see the positive side. I am going to WI tonight and will stick with the programme. Only 12 days to my hols so will set myself a new goal to drop another 5lbs by then, easily achievable I believe.

Isn't it crazy how our stinking thinking affects our behaviour.... but not this time, I can change it and I will. Much respect to you guys, thanks.

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
well done you :0), let us know how the wi went xx
Hey Guys,

Well I was astounded as I stayed the same, can't ask for more really, had a great time, felt great about the way I looked and I didn't pay a high price for it. Back on full track now, no compensating, no cheating and looking forward to my final weigh in before the holiday next week. I have accepted that I won't reach my goal, but I will have a damn good go at getting as close as I can to it this week. Tried on the new size 12 swimming cossies (last year were 16/18) and they fit perfectly, whoppee!! In fact had a massive trying on session and nearly all the stuff in my skinny wardrobe fits now, really spurred me on to go for goal and stick with plan whilst I am away....I can see the end in sight ....and it's not too far away.

Really appreciate the support you guys gave me.....thanks. Will report back next week on how I've done.

Luv n'stuff

Pink Ribbon

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
wehay !!!! well done , and you didnt cheat the system either so thats fantastic , well done !!!xxx


...we're sinking deeper.
I'm so happy that you found a good emotional outlet there. I'm sure Sukie wil agree with me - we're both very proud of you! You didn't let that one day pull you down - and to be fair; most people would have let it affect them for much longer with lasting negativity.

Good luck with your WI next week! And I bet it feels AMAZING to fit into pretty much all of your 'skinny' wardrobe! I do remember that clothes really did make me keep going, the better you feel on the outside, the better you feel on the inside. I remember just going into shops, picking things off the shelf, trying them on, and putting them back! :D Lol. Isn't it awesome to just be ABLE to do that now? Walk into ANY shop? I still can't get over that feeling. ...and I always used to HATE clothes shopping. O_O

As for sticking to the plan while you're away: you should be able to enjoy your holiday: don't restrict yourself TOO much. The only thing I can suggest is: don't avoid things: but enjoy them. Instead of a whole portion have half. It's all about portion control!
A good technique to use is: when you're served at a restaurant: the first thing you do, is serve yourself half of your given portion on a seperate plate. Most of the time I find, that if I divide it in such a way, I usually find that I'm quite full and don't need the rest! :D

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