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opinions? advice?

I am hit with a conundrum and I would really love your opinions. My plan from the start was to do this diet until I lost 2 stone and to lose the other 1, 1 and a half stone through normal dieting and exercise. I figured I'd lose the 2st in about 5 weeks, which I am on my way to doing, that way I could refeed in time for my sisters going away/halloween bash and my graduation.
Now, though, I have gotten into this diet and I kinda want to keep it up until I get to my ideal weight and this is my problem. I have done up a list of pros and cons, they are as follows.

Pros : * will reach healthy BMI
* Will be happy and proud
* will only have to worry about maintaining and not weight loss
* It's cheaper than grocery shopping at the moment.

Cons: * Have to stay on diet (still miss food so so much)
* Will miss my graduation dinner
* Can't drink at halloween
* Parents, who were/are against this diet, will be livid

Um thats all i can think of at the mo. I know a few of you will think the parents one is silly but at the moment they very kindly are helping me financially and they have threatened before to with draw their help if they feel I'm wasting it. I'm already in debt so that wouldnt be good at all. though there is the possibility it's an empty threat... i dunno.

Anywho, I'd appreciate any advice you guys can give, thanks :)
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how about refeed for the above celebrations and then get back on it right away?
I did it recently for a holiday and came back after 2 weeks of nice food and drink, but 4 lbs lighter!
Just a quick suggestion, as rushing to work now. Good luck Hun and congratulations on your Graduation xxxx
No parent worth their salt would "be livid" with you for trying to get to a healthy weight!

If one dinner is so important to you, as above, refeed for the week and then back on the LT wagon til you get to your ideal weight.

If it was me, I would say sod everyone else and stay on LT. Sometimes you have to put yourself first. looking at your post, the pros well out weight the cons, which to be honest sounds a little more like excuses than cons! Good luck anyway!!
Dont be listening to negative comments. I havent told many people im starting LT because of it. I told 2 of the girls from work, one was great and the other one, god love her was worried I was going to become anorexic - Yeah, because thats going to happen!
I think you should stick with it until you're happy with your weight (whatever BMI that ends up being) - being healthy and happy with yourself is more important than the cons in your list.

And I agree with MilkTrayMan about your parents - have you explained to them that your current weight is unhealthy?

Peggie xx
the only problem with refeeding and then resuming LT is that I dont think I'll be able to manage it. first 3 weeks were so hard for me and I know it gets harder the second time.... I think I'd quit on day 1 :(
oh and my parents know my weight is unhealthy and they do want me to lose weight,, they just think LT is a very unhealthy method. They want me to lose it throught normal diet and exercise thats all.
I think you should stick with the LT until you get to target.
Regarding your graduation dinner/drinking at halloween, look on it as an interesting experience: you have the opportunity to go to an event where food/drink are an integral part of the proceedings and where you have a legitimate reason to choose not to eat/drink. Bring your shake/flapjack and have that while everyone else is piling on the lbs!!! You will learn a lot about yourself and your relationship to food... and everyone elses relationship to food (and maybe even learn about everyones relatioship to you too, lol).


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Oh, my view would be to refeed as well for the celebration, however you don't think you would be able to get back on LT. I can understand that it's hard, but you can always remind yourself that you did it once you can do it again. Be determined and keep focus. You could stay on 2 shakes and low cal meal. Good luck with what you decide
I can understand your worry with your family and that they want to celebrate your achievements & graduation. But since it's family i'm sure they'll understand and you could post-pone the dinner. They could still eat and you could have flapjack or shake/soup
I'm sure she'll understand. She may not totally agree but i'm sure she wants you to be happy & respect your decision.
yeah I think she'll just carry on the way she has been, normally then disapproving silence when the diet comes up in a convo lol
My parents are great, I know I'm not painting them in the greatest light right now but seriously they are brilliant, in most ways lol :D


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I went to a massive family meal and just took my soup along and it was fine, honest. If the graduation meal is an intimate affair to celebrate the end of your academic career and the start of a new one why not wait a little while? Is it totally important to do it now? As I stated on here a few weeks ago, I have been out to 2 different restaurants and massive family meal and several social occasions without breaking the diet. But that's me- I am not trying to convince you to do something that maybe inappropriate for you. Celebrations can always take place at a later date xxx
i'm sure they'll understand. a few more weeks aint tht long
Rang my mam, She was grand about it. Said she couldnt believe I had kept it up for so long and I must just have reached a point where I really needed to do it :D I going home for the weekend and I cant wait to show her my loss :)
That's brilliant. I knew she would be understanding. No you can show her the new trim you, when she see's it she'll realise why you want to do ti. Keep it up
I did a sneaky weigh in this morn at home and I've dropped 11kgs, only 8 left now :) home in my parents house now tho wont see them til tomoro as they're heading out tonight. I down early cos I volunteer to help clean the house as my mam is under lots of stress with work and family stuff, plus its exercise for me heh heh :D

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