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Opinions on CD bars?


can see the end in sight!
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I only have the peanut and cranberry bars and they are fab, the peanut is the best!
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Hi there....

I Love them all! I don't seem to suffer any ill effects from them (like wind, knocked out of ketosis...) which some others have found. But, i do find the Cranberry one quite irritating to my throat! No idea why. But i still eat them.

Its great to chew :):):):)

Good luck
xxxxx Anni xxxxxx


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I bought my first lot of bars last night (all except peanut, which I can't eat) and I tried my first one today for lunch - I think it was toffee. Very nice! It would be easy to throw it down in two bites, but I nibbled it over about 20 minutes and washed it down with a coffee (it said have a drink with it). No ill effects yet, lol.

My CDC said you can melt them in the microwave but I can't really see the point of that - just the same thing in a different form?? :confused:

I'm not sure if the bar is as filling as the shakes or soups, strangely - I'll have to give it some thought over the next few days. (I just 'tasted' about half a forkful of celeriac mash, but I think that's just me being piggy and not the non-filling effect of the bar, lol ;))


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Hi there , I would only have one bar a day , cos you can end up bottom burping :)))
Peanut and orange are nice , but we all have different tastes , so its up too you


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Malt toffee is my fave. I think it tastes a bit like cadbury's fudge bar. Yummy.


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Love all the bars, Cranberry nice if you havent had time to make shake for breaky. All the other flavours I put in the freezer for about 45 mins before I eat them, makes them more chewy and last longer! I had issues with the choc ones in the first couple of times of trying. Quite a common problem apparently, mmm how can I put it ... wet bottom burpng. Sorry if this is too graphic, just a warning not to botty burp without sittng on toilet after first tries of bars!tee hee! I have no windy probs anymore, thank goodness, think your body jst reacts to solids on first few tries. Good luck x


Strong women stay slim
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lol katy
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The bars are a lifesaver for me with choccy cravings around TOTM. Added a couple to my weekly order in week 4 I think, the Chocolate Orange ones, had those chilled and cut into small chunks. This week (wk6) I have added 7 bars to my order (!!!), a mixture of the Peanut and Cranberry ones, they are lovely and crunchy not just chewy like the Orange. HTH.

Soon2bslimmer x


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I like the toffee and the orange bars. The cranberry is OK. :)


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I found that if i had one i'd start craving 'proper' food so stay away from them unless i'm desperate for something to eat.
Keep them in the fridge and use a sharp knife to cut them into little pieces - it lasts longer & is great for the evenings when you get the munchies.
i love the toffee and cranberry and i think i liked the choc, ill be allowed them next week too so i cant wait, i didnt have any side effects from them at all

Thanks for your opinion guys,
I still don't really know what they are like? When you say chewy are they like toffee?
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Well, IMHO the Orange one (covered in dark chocolate) I found the texture a bit strange. It is pretty dense and requires a lot of chewing :D, so cut up into little pieces it becomes more manageable. You couldn't take a very large bite off it I don't think. The Peanut and Cranberry ones are more crumbly, and also require lots of chewing, but texture is more normal. Gosh, not sure if that helps or confuses :).

They taste yummy though, and made a welcome change from the shakes for me. I have a very sweet tooth and usually have porridge for breakfast and shakes (hot) the rest of the day. And now replace one of the shakes with a bar.

Soon2bslimmer x


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The chocolate, toffee, caramel and choc orange have a fudge like consistency coated in chocolate and the cranberry and peanut are like cereal bars but again covered in chocolate, all of them are nice and make a change from shakes etc but I find the fudge like ones can cause constipation so I go sparingly with them and only have one as an occasional treat the cereal ones are fine though HTH :)
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I like them but i find them very moreish and make me hungry so i try and stay away from them.
I also find them very morish, and if I could I would eat half a dozen a day (maybe when I reach my ideal weight!!!), so not great when you're trying to get back into Ketosis after a weekend in liverpool and Amsterdam! :(

My favourites are peanut (crunchy and harder than the others, and tastes like firm peanut butter wrapped in chocolate), malt toffee (this one makes my mouth water just thinking about it, kind of like a cadbury's caramel... but nicer), and the caramel, which is like a a firmer version of the malt toffee....

Bugger... want one now, and I know I've got two in the cupboard when i get home, but I will only have one if I'm into Ketosis when I check, but think I have to wait until tomorrow, or Friday! :copon:

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