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oristat and acai berry

Hi Debbie,
I haven't tried it, or heard about it either I'm sorry, but I didn't just want to read your post and run!
What is the acai berry supposed to do?
HI Alex it helps with weight loss i brought mine from hollond and barrett before i went on oristat the only thing is when i take the two together i have to rush to the loo it clears you out it is a super vitamin they say its really good for you thanks for getting back to me debbie x
Could you maybe try taking them at different times of the day, and see if that still has the same effect.
Say if you take your Xenical with breakfast, take the acai berry with your mid-morning snack.
You could also speak to a pharmacist about any possible clashes between the two medications? Or even speak to your doctor if you're due to go soon.
HI ALex thankyou for your advice i will try doing that its no good asking the docs they didnt even no about the diet they told me to just take the tabs 3 times a day with food ive been on oristat since jan and ive lost 13lb which is great but its been hard work my metableism is very low after having cancer but i am trying very hard debbie x
Hi Debbie & Welcome :)

I think Alexs suggestion of taking them seperately sounds good :D

I`ve heard of the berry but don`t know much about it, Sorry.

I totally understand the metabolism part, Mine is near none existant - SO frustrating :(

Good luck with your weightloss!

I haven't tried acai berry, however I do take some vit supplements and as orlistat can sometimes mistake things like vit a for fat I read that it's best to take it at bed time.

That means it should be long enough after you've had your last pill & before you have your next.

I wonder if that would help?


gunna be a fatty for ever
hiya debbie!

Ive tried acai berry and had no side effects whats so ever! I fell into the 'take these with colon cleanse an you will wake up looking like cheryl cole' trap ha! luckily I didnt spend a furtune on them! The xenical will have no effect on them so it should be fine to take them together. They r a freeze dried fruit so have no oils in them. Its just like taking a vit c tab for example!

So sorry to hear you had cancer. I hope you are well now hun!

Well done on your loss hun! I :heartpump: my size 14 clothes!

speak soon

love katie

hi kae thankyou for getting back to me over acai berry

HI KAE thankyou for getting back to me over the acai berry omg what a diffrence in your photo you have done so well il have to put my photo on when i figure how to do it many thanks debbie x


gunna be a fatty for ever
thank you hun1

dont as me how to do it! lol i got kes to do it for me! lol!


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