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Original OSTRICH tonight! (SCAAARED!)


Nojo on the YoYo
Took a punt on a packet of Ostrich fillets from Aldi as advertised in this month's mag. Having not been very adventurous with meat in the past (no kangaroo or venison for me thanks!) i'm a little bit apprehensive.

Has anyone tried it or am I the guniea pig? Hehehe!

OH is all 'Bring on the Ostrich' cos he thinks he's got a cast iron stomach. We shall see!
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Mad as a Hatter
We have a Mogolian stirfry restaurant near us, and they have some fantastic meats, such as Kangaroo, Ostrich and others...
My boys 6 & 3 love going as they get to try all sorts of things that they wouldnt normally...

Give it a go - you will be fine...



Mad as a Hatter
Oh forgot to ask.... are they just plain meat or are they marinated etc...?

Also how much were they if you dont mind me asking ?

Are they syn free on a red day ?

Sorry for all the questions but I may be tempted - fancy a stirfry now..

I've had it a few times and it's lovely. It's like a cross between chicken and rabbit - a smooth texture but quite dark. You don't need to cook it too much. Should be seared on the outside and a bit pink in the middle for the nicest texture...a bit like how you cook lamb or a steak.

It's super low fat. Hope you enjoy it. Good luck!


Slow but sure....
I've eaten venison and jugged hare in the past (I don't eat red meat now) and enjoyed it, but I don't think I could eat kangaroo or ostrich, I would be imagining them running and jumping in the wild - but, saying that I have never eaten duck either because I prefer to see them swimming on a duck pond - but, I keep 6 chickens as pets and I still eat chicken (although I couldn't eat my own), so I suppose it is all a matter of individual taste.

I have heard that Ostrich it is a very low fat meat and particularly good for dieters - so try it and enjoy it, let us know how you get on with it.


Nojo on the YoYo
They are syn free and are 4.99. I don't think they are marinated. Hopefully they are nice.

i can recommend the Aldi tomato red wine lamb shanks though!
I haven't had it but I would have it iykwim!
I love to try new things, I had venison for the first time this year, it was wonderful, the nicest meat ever. I tried oxtail (ewwwww but OH loved it), I haven't had hare or rabbit but they are next on the list when the butcher gets them in again.
Hope you enjoy it hun. xxx
Ostrich is nice if cooked properly. If you over cook it, it can taste like old boots!


Nojo on the YoYo
mmmm boots, my favourite, haha.

I have my emergency rations of turkey mince in to make my yummy Turkey Bog with as a speedy substitute should it all go horribly horribly wrong. :D
Ooooh, its lovely!

Its quite strong in flavour and very gamey (iykwim) like pheasant, its really nice if you like a lot of flavour and texture to your meat.

I've eaten Kangeroo, vension, shark, stingray - you name it - i've consumed it - lol.


Nojo on the YoYo
Ooooh gamey really? Someone else said it was like really beefy steak.

The only experience i've had of game is that I had a taste once of a can of game soup. It wasn't pleasant.

God bless Turkey Bog to the rescue!

I've also had a huge huge lunch of chicken pieces and salmon flakes, two hard boiled eggs, a huge dollop of cottage cheese and chives, a handful of mixed lettuce leaves and watercress, cucumbers and broccoli florets and am so full that the thought of food is actually making me feel a little bit sick!

Will be hungry again by 7pm i'm sure though... :D


Mad as a Hatter
This has got me intrigued now - so much so that I have just looked in the Food Directory and picked out all the Free red foods from Aldi so that my shopping trip is worth while...

yum yum - all this talk of food is making me hungry !



Nojo on the YoYo
Aldi's pretty good for their convenience meals, their meaty stuff is really good and you have lots of time to make fresh veg to go with it. Perfect for an evening when you get in late from work and CBA to cook! And if you compare something like their lamb shanks to Asda or Morrisons, you're saving at least £1 per pack, sometimes £2.

Only Iceland lamb shanks are as low in price.


Nojo on the YoYo
Really? In that case, their Be Light range is brill. The half fat mature cheese you can have 42g of as a HEXa, their cottage cheeses, including the flavoured ones (yes, the Pineapple one too!) is free, their be Light fat free fruity yogurts are free, their Clear Sensation sugar free drinks are free, the Cook It Taste It Love It proscuttio pork loin with apple and red onion relish is free, the lamb shanks in Moroccan tagine are also free as well as the tomato and red wine ones, the Fishmonger Additions Salmon Skewers, Tuna steaks in ginger or lime and coriander are free, some of their Moroccan Flavours cous cous are free, I use the lemon and coriander which I think has either a half syn or a syn per pack.

Er, phew, that's all I can remember off the top of my head!


Lover of Extra Easy
Ostrich is lovely, if cooked slowly, and better still if marinated first.
I love "different" meat and have eaten kangaroo, warthog, impala, crocodile - all lovely. I have tasted elephant but that is tough as old boots.

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