*OT* Happy Easter From Takara <3

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  1. My little one has had a ball this morning, Running round the house shouting Happpppppppppy Easteeeeeeer :D

    I thought I would share some pics with you from this morning :D

    Scuse the bed hed :8855: And the state of the place :rolleyes:

    There will be 1 shot of the table before she trashed it ;)

    The big Creme Egg ones are for my older minibeasts and the small creme/galaxy eggs are for all to share and they all got a Kinder Egg each. She mostly got a Barbie and a Princess Cup etc and some Playdough Eggs :)

    Hope you enjoy them! :)








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  3. Jax67

    Jax67 Regular Loiterer!

    Aw LiSe... she is gorgeous and looks soooo excited!! lol

    Loving the last photo of her, had you tried to tame the bed head just a little??? lol

    Happy Easter x x x x
  4. lol she is STILL singing out loud "Happy Easter" to us all! :D

    Yes I had brushed her hair in the last pic ;) Still looked horrendous 5 mins later tho :rolleyes: Xxx
  5. Obsy

    Obsy is starting to disappear!

    aww, so cute and gorgeous. Glad she is having fun xxx
  6. Thanks x She is still having a ball lol xXx
  7. Obsy

    Obsy is starting to disappear!

    Bless her. Oh to be young and be surrounded in Easter eggs and not worry about calories and fat and diets!!!!! xxx
  8. chocolateandskyblue

    chocolateandskyblue Full Member

    How happy is she with all that chocolate, bless her.

    My daughter is with her Grandad or a few day so her eggs are sitting here on their own.....she had lots of Grandad though.

    Nice photos....shes gorgeous:)
  9. alibalibee

    alibalibee gym bunny

    awww bless :D
  10. Thanks for the lovely replies :D

    I do agree she is gorgeous! But I am biased ;) :p

    I am really going to miss her this weekend :( Bet she gets loads more choc from the outlaws! lol x

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