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*OT* Peter (Who I will TOUCH this weekend!) - Pics



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:roofles: Are you sure you have enough photos of him there?

Have a great time and mind where you touch him ;)


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mmm he's lush, didn't think much of him with bleached hair though, not a good look. Very jealous hehe
Haha I have a lot more photos ;)

I am not touching him in a rude way, I am a good catholic girl (besides he is married to the beautiful Jennie Garth!). I will be getting my photo taken with him Saturday & Sunday tho :D :D :D

@ bleached hair, That was for the role of Carlisle Cullen, He is dark naturally ;)

I am SOOOOOOOO excited!! I still haven`t worked out what to wear tho!! :rolleyes::cry:

Mmmmmm... Peter... *droooooools* :p



gunna be a fatty for ever
Dare i say ive never heard fo these guys?!!! lol he is yummy tho!!

love katie
hahahahahahahhaha =D
mm hubba hubba

defo a fan of the dark hair though :)
Dare i say ive never heard fo these guys?!!! lol he is yummy tho!!

love katie
Me neither - i must be getting old lol!

Appreciate he is gorgeous so can see why you are drooling!
you know i would never have known that he was the same guy as Cullen in Twilight before today, he looked so creepy in that film but mmm so yummy in real life lol


Queen of the Damned
Give him a squeeze from me will ya?! :drool:
Omg creepy in Twilight? Noooo way!! When he walks thru the hospital door - Wooooooooweeeeeeee! hehehe *fans self*

He is just soooo hot *droools* and I love his hands (yeah i`m a weirdo lmfao).

Lola I`m meeting him at LFCC - London Film & Comic Con and getting my photo taken with him *sigh*

OMG I can`t believe I`ll be meeting him in a few days!! I just know I`ll either do/say something totally stupid or be struck dumb :rolleyes:

<Wets self with excitement>

Hahahaha *has finally lost the plot* Xxxxxxxxxx

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