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OT: Nails!


..crawling after ze wagon
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Hey Girls!

Completely off dieting topic: who does have their nails done and how happy are you with them?

I have really thin nails which break easily, and I just cannot file them to an even shape, each nail looks different and whatever I produce on my right hand is just a disaster.. don't even start on putting some varnish on them myself, it's really embarrassing, I look like a 3 year old painted my nails.. So thought about getting my nails done - but I would need something done that does not need to be taken off completely when renewing it as that usually thinnens (sp?) my nails even more, making it painful and more likely to break even with the stuff on..

Someone told me to go with Bio Sculpture but I never heard of that and it was too late at night to talk it over properly :eek: so I still don't know much about it..

So ladies, what are your experiences? who is doing it, how often, how much do you pay and is it really worth it?!
Any advise welcome! :D

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I have absolutely no idea about falsies - I've had it done twice and both times it was absolutely horrific - the first time I had it done the lady hardly cut down the nail so it looked like I had animal talons :D The second time the gel didn't stick and one ripped off.

Are you looking for length, or are you looking for style? If you're looking for length I have no clue, but if you're looking for a style you could have your nails shaped and have conditioning put on the nail which may strengthen them?

I have to say since I've been doing WW my nails are so much stronger, although they never grow very long!


..crawling after ze wagon
S: 17st5lb C: 17st3lb G: 12st7lb BMI: 32.7 Loss: 0st2lb(0.82%)
Thanks Missy, am not really looking for length, can't type if they grow too long. I'd just like to have them a bit stronger and in a nice shape - that they look even and orderly, just looked after really.. Don't like nails that really look artificial, so that lady wouldn't got rid of me after leaving me with talons like you said - uargh, absolutely not what I would want..

What is that conditioner you mentioned? do I have to go into a nail studio for that or is that something you can do at home? Guess I'd like to have something that I can freshen up at home, so that i don't have to go to a studio every 10 days.. or maybe it is better to leave it all to the pro's? dunno, too many choices.. :D


Im just me!
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i have been having my nails done for over 6 years now, my nails under neath are so so thin now and weak.

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