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OT - Really grumpy, obsessively checking email


Nojo on the YoYo
Ok, so, as the post says I am really grumpy and obsessively checking my emails and whether my phone is working and ringing my voicemail about the job interview I went to yesterday. They said they would let me know either yesterday or today and I am sitting here beside myself because it's my absolute dream job.

I'm grumpy also about that LL thing and about the diet and the poor people on it as a whole and I am not normally this grumpy. If anyone has come across a post from me today and thought 'wow, that's a bit grumpy' - it's because I am so I apologise.

Help me get out of the grumps and cheer me up people, you always have funny anecdotes, jokes, observations. Anything!

Thanking you in advance. :cry:
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In honesty.........Ive read most of your posts today & not once thought you seemed grumpy. We all have opinions & there's nothing wrong with airing them, especially when it comes to something we feel strongly about or that means more to us. I totally understand your LL post, thats why I also commented on it.

As regards the job.....be patient woman!!!!!!!!!!!!! :p No seriously, they will let you know either way Im sure?! Distact yourself....
Hi grumpy, hope the phone call comes soon and its good news for you. Get back on the boards and distract yourself, we will help take your mind of it. And, no, I don't think you have been grumpy on here today, no more than usual anyway lol.


Mad old Bat with Attitude
I didn't spot any grumpiness, but then I never got my Observation badge in the Brownies! :p

It's the uncertainty, lets hope they put you out of your misery soon, one way or another! Hope it's good news.
Right young lady...deep breath!!
You are not grumpy (repeat after me!)....you are not grumpy...you are anxious that you are waiting to hear from a job that you would love.
Yes, your phone and email is working and no amount of checking them is going to make the blindest bit of difference!
If you are at home, go out for a walk, dance, put loud music on and sing...anything to take your mind off it.
If you are at work, make yourself a cuppa and try and stay away from the pc for at least 30 mins....its not doing you any good!



Nojo on the YoYo
thanks all. Am really feeling cross today and borderline weepy too! I just got over * week... so it can't be that again, can it?

Bleh. xx
I think the thread has stirred up a lot of emotion and I don't think any of us expected the backlash which it created!

Your post didn't come across as grumpy hun but you are obviously anxious about the job.

Be patient, all good things come to those who wait.


Nojo on the YoYo
I will do thanks everyone - and Jaylou - I've agreed to disagree with the LL bunch. It's the only way I think! It's working for them, so they're happy. I just hope they all stay that way. :(
Oh honey good luck with the job, the thing you have to remember is that they probably have a to do list of a million things, and other stuff that crops up, and people in meetings and blah blah blah... whereas you just have the waiting for the phone to ring bit, which I can totally relate to, I HATE waiting to find something out. I would rather just know, good news or bad news either way so I can deal with it.

Hang in there sweetie and go to the games page, or do something similar that will make you concentrate and distract you from how much time you've been waiting.

**fingers crossed**
Cobweb xx
Another thing to think about Hun, is that you havent been arguing with anyone today, you have been debating!
Its what politician use in the HoP, so why cant we on Minimins?! Lol...fingers crossed that you hear something soon.


Nojo on the YoYo
hehe you girlies.

Cobweb I have listed your blog on my blog links I hope you don't mind! I love collecting SW bloggers :D xx
hehe you girlies.

Cobweb I have listed your blog on my blog links I hope you don't mind! I love collecting SW bloggers :D xx
Oh no, I am honoured, and what a great idea I will pop a link to yours on mine too when I work out how to do it :D Only started last weekish. I love to read other peoples bloginations!

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